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64 bits build question

Hello! We've been testing performance of our build and uploaded it on the site as a 32bits build for quite a while.Uploading the 32 build would trigger a warning encouraging us to update to 64 bitsAs we are scheduled soon for QA, we've been checking ...


app:processDebugResources FAILED

Hello, I've been trying since several days to launch an apk natively into my QUEST 2, no matter what I try to solve this issue I always get the same error which is the title of the thread. anyone had this issue and succeed to resolve this ? thanks fo...



I found as Admin I can share games with other FB/Oculus accounts.Awesome!However the added FB/O accounts are unable to share the games they bought.So as owner and admin my friend can play my games but I cant play his? WHY ?

Developing for Oculus Quest 2 in germany

Hi there,I would like to develope for the Oculus Quest 2. The item ist currently not available in germany but e.g. in france. Is it possible, to work with such a device and a german developer/facebook - account? greetings Ralf

Android MediaCodec

Hello everyone.In our program, HLS 360video data is decoded using Android MediaCodec and rendered on the Unity.It uses MediaCodec to decode the H264 stream, but it looks very slow in Oculus Quest.And MediaCodec stops decoding after a short while.The ...

Resolved! Apps not showing up in Test User accounts?

Is anyone noticing that your app is not showing up in new Test User accounts? The apps DO show up in the Test User accounts if you make the Test User a developer in the organization, but NOT if you invite the Test User by email. This is true includin...

UE4 Dynamic Spotlight shining through walls

I'm currently prototyping in UE4 (4.25 Oculus branch) for Quest 2. Navigating in the dark with a flashlight is a major part of the game concept but we've already hit a snag early in our prototyping phase.Dynamic spotlight works fine when previewed fr...


Ok, so yes, I've disabled notifications... However please could I request that we don't lose some absolutely precious footage on shutdown. One simple procedure to check before the minimum mh/h % settings. Auto stop recording would be helpful. Or does...

Overlay Keyboard not returning to app

So the Quest overlay keyboard works but sometimes it will just not work in the sense that pressing the keys won't affect the input box selected and when this happens closing the keyboard I don't get focus back to the app (my controllers disappear) an...

Ayfel by Level 4
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Any success with bluetooth mouse input?

I am struggling with this problem for some time and I have no idea how to solve it.I am a bit basic if it comes to the Java. I am using Unity to develop my app and I have problem with mouse connected to the android device via OTG usb. The problem is:...

Quest 1 adb bug: cannot adb reverse over WiFi (TCP/IP)

This is both a bug report and possibly a pointer to a relatively simple fix for what is quite an annoying problem. Hopefully the devs read this! My Quest: Quest 1, latest OS ( laptop: Manjaro Linux 20.2.1, kernel 5.10.18 What I'm trying t...

mz8i by Level 3
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Software updates

V25 is terrible and I still don't have V26. Developers should be among the first to get new software updates. But the bigger problem is that the software update process is too slow. I understand (*) that phasing the distribution is important but it's...

Quest App is not opening with Quest App IDs(App lab)

Hi All,We are trying to submit quest app to oculus store through App lab concept as oculus announced last week. When we open the application with new quest app IDs(Which is got from oculus dashboard),Its not opening. Its hanging on loading. We are us...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Quest 2 Controller Diagram

I am trying to update my controller diagram to include the Quest 2. But the files provided by Oculus only include the .fbx for the Quest 2. Is there any where else I could find a line art image of these? Or is the diagram for the Quest 1 controllers ...

Resolved! Is the Osig Generator down?

I'm experiencing issues with Osig Generator.For a few days, I'm unable to generate Osig files for new test devices.I'm getting this generic facebook error: "Sorry, something went wrong.We're working on getting this fixed as soon as we can."I payed at...

XKNico by Level 3
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vrapi_Shutdown() SIGSEGV crash at v25

 As stated on the title. Android Studio does not allow you to examine further the crash, since it will only stay active for a few seconds before closing the debug session forcefully. This started to happen ever since the headset (Quest 1) was updated...


sound not coming from earphones in unity

i've been building a multi scene demo app in unity for the quest 2 and it was working fine before christmas but now its picked up a really odd bug that i cannot figure out. i have an intro scene with a video, then it loads the game scene which is a r...

Question about ovr-platform-util.exe

Hi there everyone,Hopefully this hasn't been asked before - I tried looking and couldn't find any results matching up with this. Anybody get this error when trying to publish their app with the CLI tool? It used to work previously but sometime recent...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Mobile SDK Setup

Hi everyone,I'm trying to follow the mobile SDK guide but I'm having trouble building the samples. I'm not super familiar with Gradle and other Android shenanigans so I'm completely lost. I'm basically trying to follow the "Android Studio Basics" par...

Oculus Quest 2 and Augmented reality

Hello,is it possible to create an Augmented reality application with Oculus Quest 2 ?I have read several articles that say that is no possible. So I just want confirmation, that is not possible in 2021.Thank youBest Regards

Anonymous by Not applicable
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vega graphics

got vega graphic 7th gen built in to asus a320 mother board and it dont seem to work . did a self check and everything ok ,but the graphics thats need to be 3gb not the 2gb thats built in . there was no mention of this on your site or i would of got ...

Quest 2 storage access issue

I have trouble accessing (writing to) the internal storage /sdcard/Pictures/This has never been an issue with Quest 1, but just emerged with Q2.After installing the APK and running it, Quest 2 asks me to allow permission to access storage, which I co...

feeLab by Level 2
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Android Studio 4.1 compatibility

Is the mobile SDK 1.37.0 compatible with Android Studio 4.1?If I try to open any of the samples in VrSamples with this version, I get Graddle sync failes: Task 'wrapper' not found in project x.Downgrading to Andrid Studio 3.6 everything works fine.

Anonymous by Not applicable
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No Oculus Quest 2 on target device

I can't choose the Oculus Quest 2 option, it doesn't appear, I can only select Oculus Quest and Oculus Go / Gear VR. That could be happening? Any idea how to fix it?Unreal Engine 4.25.4

Save game data where?

For Oculus Quest 2, I want to save game data, such as how far you have got on a level, high scores etc.Do you save these as a local file or using PlayerPrefs in Unity?What is the standard way to do this for Oculus Quest 2?