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"FORM" for Oculus Quest

I am very interested in purchasing the app, FORM. But I have Oculus Quest, and it only supports Rift and Rift S. So my question is, will FORM be on the Quest soon? I hope.

Private Software Demo

I'd like to share our Quest experienced privately either by invite or going to a specific URL.Is this possible without the user having to side load?OR Is there an easy way to allow the user to download the app from a website and simply run it to inst...

MCAA by Level 2
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GO port to QUEST

We created a custom app on the GO and sideloaded it on to a number of GO devices. But now the GO is gone, and the client wants 30 more headsets with the exact same app. (Which is a very simple game). Can we easily port this to a Quest? Or are there b...

Unusual distortion when using FFR

Tried Unity 2019.3.5 & 2019.3.12Unity Android package 2.38.6Oculus SDK plugin (not XR plugin): 1.44I'm using dynamic FFR as well as static FFR (option on menu). I'm seeing a very strange line "seam" between geometry, although the geometry is continuo...

bisc67 by Level 2
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Deactivate ATW?

Hello everyone,I'd like to so some performance tests and comparisons with the Oculus Quest using Unity 2020 and i'd like to know how to deactivate ATW. In the article on the Oculus Blog called "Draw Call Cost Analysis for Quest" it states "Disable As...

OcuAlph by Level 2
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"unknown sources menu" ? developer thread bug

Hello,Sorry if it's a noob question, I just got my Quest yesterday. The "Unknown sources" menu seems be no longer since the 19.0.0 update. Instead we have a "display developer thread" option in the home menu.But every time I select that I have a : "a...

tom0VR by Level 2
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Oculus Integration 18 has HUGE issues with Unity

There are a bunch of problems with Oculus Integration 18.1. Only see black screen when launching app. When returning to Oculus Integration 17, can see game again.2. Much longer build times. There seems to be many more shaders/textures added to the pa...

My quest stopped working

my quest is being annoying, i start the quest and doesn't remember my guardian, then when i finish the screen goes black and gets me to redo it multiple times, i then open a software (echo vr) i press play then the screen goes black and i cant do any...

Oculus Quest entitlement check fail

Hello,I'm having issues with the entitlement check on the Oculus quest, it always fail.Yet it's working perfectly on Oculus Go and GearVR.I'm using the latest OVR SDK integration from Unity asset store; 1.37.Any idea what's happening here ?Regards,

dev-test by Level 2
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Take a screenshot

Hi,I develop for Oculus Quest on Unity 2019.3.8f1.I want to take a screenshot when my user push a button on the right controller.To do the "screenshot" part, I use the following line :ScreenCapture.CaptureScreenshot(Path.Combine(Application.persisten...

Oculus Quest & Link lagging like Crazy!

When I try to connect the Quest to my computer with Link cable, and open the "Link Room"/connect Link, it starts to lag like crazy!!I have not even pressed the Desktop button yet, which result in even worse lagging and ultimately hang.I want to conne...

budwiz by Level 2
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