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Quest 2 touch CAD files?

Hello,With the previous generation, Oculus made the touch controller CAD files available to develop accessories here:, they haven't been updated with the new Quest 2 co...

In game steam/pico logos, is it a problem?

Hi, I have checked all VRC and guidelines and any marketing assets can't display other hardware or logo than Oculus. That's fine. But, we have multiplatform leaderboards in our app, so we would like to display a small logo near the player. Is that ok...

Temporarily decoupling HMD sensors from OVR Camera Rig

Hello, I am developing an application for Oculus Quest2 that will eventually run as an experiment. For part of this experiment, I wish to mirror the rotation of the camera such that its y axis(yaw) is inverted. This will make it so that when the user...

TRoLab by Level 2
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APK file crashes on launch

I have made a game and shared it with friends. They install the APK using Sidequest, and it ran fine for 3 or 4 different versions where I added things. On the latest version, it crashes on launch on one of the friends Quest 2's, but runs fine on all...

How to setup user's standing height for quest 2

Hi, I've added an OVRCameraRig to my scene in Unity and have set the 'Tracking Origin Type' to 'Floor Level'. According to the Oculus documentation for Unity, it states: "Floor Level tracks the position and orientation relative to the floor, based on...

ak.7334 by Level 2
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Oculus Browser - set start page?

I have a fleet of headsets through Oculus for Business. We deploy Oculus Browser on it for our WebXR project. Is it possible to change the start page in the browser, so that our site comes up automatically? If so, is it possible to do through Workpla...

WEBGL_multiview in Oculus Browser

I am trying to use multiview rendering in WebVR for Quest Browser as explained here. However "var ext = gl.getExtension('WEBGL_multiview'); returns null.I also noticed that WEBGL_multiview is now deprecated and replaced by OVR_multiview2 according to...

phyxle by Level 2
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Bundles and Quest keys

Hi, I would like to know if there is some way to create a bundle with several App Lab games. It looks like we can't configure this kind of promotions in the Oculus console. In case we would like to create a bundle, would the generation of keys for a ...

Resolved! Move OVR camera but not hands

Hi, I'm trying to build a VR climbing application in Unity for Quest 2. I want to be able to move the camera position to simulate change in elevation while leaving the hands in the same place. I have tried to do this by using ovrCamera.transform.Tran...

ak.7334 by Level 2
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Can I forbid photo and video capture in my app?

There was such a message popping up when I was trying to record in the Oculus TV or Youtube VR apps: "The developer has forbidden image capture in this app."Now there seems to be no such hindrance.Say if I want to prevent "let's playing" of my game, ...

App installation on Quest 2

Hello everyone, I am new to the developing world and going through guides I still don't understand the main thing: how do I upload an app to be used with a Quest 2 not attached to the PC? I want to create an Archviz project that would not be shared w...

Weird Reflection Issue with new OS

I have a stereo mirror reflection code in Unity (using a render texture and shader).This worked fine until very recently. Now the reflection appears like the eye separation values are incorrect so the stereo rendering is off. I've tried the same APK ...

Oculus Quest Link App Lab submission

Hi, I am a developer working on VR app using Quest Link & Unity. I would like to submit my app to Oculus app Lab, but a open source library such as MIT license is included in my app. I wonder if the open source license must be submitted at the time o...

OVR Overlay Equirect Shape Issue

I am implementing the Equirect OVR Overlay for rendering 360 video playback and I am noticing a visual issue that I need to fix. The issue is that the seamline for the OVROverlay Equirect Shape is producing a very noticeable black line that is not pr...


Impact of MultiUser on Oculus Platform Tools

We have an app currently available on the Store. We had initially opted out of multi user app sharing, but are interested in implementing it.I can't find any documentation about how this is expected to work. Mostly, I am interested in the following m...

Oculus Quest 2 Control EQ Sliders in Game

Hi everyone, Myself and one other person are developing an immersive music application for the Quest 2 using Unity and have run into an interesting problem. Currently we are building in Unity 2019.17.4 We have a canvas and set of sliders linked to EQ...

Quest 2 - COVID 19 Solution to Work From Home?

Greetings team, inquiring for some opinions about the use of an oculus quest 2 for enterprise application / productivity in a work from home setting.I'm tracking the oculus for business and that's not what im referring to. Moreso, taking your Quest 2...