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Lag / glitch / fps(?) problem

Hello,I am fairly new to Unity3d and Oculus but I have managed to build and run my project on my Oculus Quest. The problem is that there is an extreme lag/glitch. When I move my head the environment can't keep up. When I hold perfectly still it seems...

Oculus Browser random crash in a certain WebXR page

I'm developing for WebXR and Hand Tracking of Oculus Browser. Oculus Browser and device firmware are up to date.Usually, when a javascript exception occurs, some message is put to the web console, and the page is halted.But most of the time, browser ...

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Implementing Keys-Only - HAVING AN ISSUE

Hi all, I've got a pretty good grasp of the Keys-Only process, but something is going wrong and I would love some advice. Oculus Support hasn't been any help so I hope the community can come through!My app is approved for Keys-OnlyI have a new Oculus...

fgmnt by Level 2
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Unreal Project Settings

Has anyone a preset or template for Oculus Quest 2 Unreal Project Settings?One that works with VulkanOne that works with ES3.1After following the official Oculus guides and also the Unreal guides I am always getting errors.I can't seem to build one f...

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WebSocket doesn't open

Hello,I am currently working on the development of an app under Unity 2019.3.8.f1. Device target is Oculus Quest 1 & 2 (focus on 1 for the moment). Script are developed in C# 4.0.My problem is : to exchange data, I want to open a websocket. The code ...

Oculus Quest-2 Unity loading scene issue

Hi, I am working on the VR simulation & training application in Quest devices. We are developing the application in unity with oculus integration SDK. Ou application has about 10 scenes with different environments. So far application is working fine ...

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WebSocket not connecting

Hello,I am currently developing an application under Unity 2019.3.8.f1. Device target is Oculus Quest (1 for the moment, 2 then). .Net framework is 4.0.In my application I need to open a websocket to my own server in order to send some data. Problem ...

wireframe shader issue only in Quest 2 [Unity]

So I have a wireframe shader that is working correctly in Quest 1 and multiple other platforms, however, in Quest 2 only one eye renders.Could anyone assist?, this of course only happens in multi-view (single pass) renderinghere is the code:Shader "C...

Carpy by Level 2
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Quest UI Interaction is not working properly

Hi , I have implement the quest development app using Oculus integration plugin. I have build the demo scenes selection option using unity buttons. the UI interactions is not working properly. when i click the button some time it's call on first clic...

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Quest Audio

I've integrated FMOD into android studio for some Quest development and I'd like to add spatialization. I haven't seen a .so for FMOD (there's one for Wwise), so is there a solution for this perhaps it's using the Native spatializer .so? Any help app...

Track more than two hands

Hi there,for a project I want to track more than two hands. So for example track my own hands and the hands of another person in my FOV. Is this possible with the Oculus Quest? Do I have access to all currently tracked hands?Thank you very much for e...