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Oculus Quest 1 Rendering Glitch In Left Eye

Hello, I am currently developing a Unity Game for Oculus Quest. Game has been in development for about a year now but I am experiencing a new issue. In the left eye, its seems like some materials just get shifted and skewed suddenly, flashing in and ...

other hardware with Quest

Hello,I came recently to cybershoes integration with Quest. They use some device connected to headset.I am not able to find any info how to perform such an integration. I'd appreciate if someone can advise.Thanks

Anonymous by Not applicable
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CoAP calls

Is it possible to do CoAP calls with Oculus Quest 2 for sensor data? I am using Unity and have a existing project with sensors on site using CoAP, and I would like to visualize the data directly without an intermediate server.

Plij by Level 2
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control viewer by adb

I am looking to remotely control a users direction on an Oculus quest and go project.To do so the game currently starts by looking at one point for few seconds , is there any way to control it by adb keyevent while some devices like mice and touchscr...

sn66 by Level 2
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[Quest 2] Passthrough Access

Now they give us access to the camera. When will we have information about the possibility of accessing the camera / Passthrough?Anyone know the method with Unity / unreal or native sdk?

Surface Book 3 + Quest & Link compatibility?

Hi there, I am currently developing a hand tracking application using the Quest and the Oculus Branch of UE4 with some custom code. I recently acquired a Surface Book 3 to help and, although it says the 1660 Ti in my SB3 is compatible with the Link, ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Offset Tracked Head Position Unity3D

Hi there,does anybody know, where on my headset the tracked position is which I get in Unity3D? Is it right in the center or the front of the HMD?What I want to do: I want to attach a Vive Tracker to the headset and I want to know the offset of my at...

How to use HTTP to connect with my service?

i`m making a game in Unity and when i run my game in quest,the internet connect reported error.then i google it and tried to add "android:usesCleartextTraffic="true"" in AndroidManifest.xml and changed Android API to 8.0, but doesn`t work

HMD Tracking Origin - Where is it physically

Hello,I'm encountering a bit of an issue in my development where the Z position of the headset increases and decreases based on the pitch of the HMD. This tells me that the tracking origin for the HMD is not located at the pivot point of my head, but...

Oculus Link & Unity Set Up Guide

Oculus Link is here! Since there's little information available so far, here's a quick guide.Set UpThe cables that ship with the Oculus Quest don't work (even though the set up in Oculus Desktop shows that), you will need a good USB 3 to USB C cable....

Weitin by Level 4
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Interested in Quest Development

Hey, just got an Oculus Quest 2 for Christmas and already have ideas spinning around in my head. I'm a C# .net dev and I've played with Unity a bit so I expect I will be able to get my head around that part, but my question is hardware oriented since...

Bandwidth/breakpoint testing

I need to test breakpoints and bandwidth throttling on my game, previously I have used Charles Proxy to do this (andoid/ios/web) but the Oculus Quest does not have proxy settings (or at least none that I can find).Is there another way of doing this o...

RenderDoc for Oculus not working.

I am having problems getting RenderDoc for Oculus to work.Using ODH, I downloaded and installed RenderDoc for Oculus v23.1(forked from v1.11).When I switch the Replay Context to "Oculus Quest 2 Profiling Mode" it installs the packages:com.oculus.rede...

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RenderDoc for Oculus not working

I am having problems getting RenderDoc for Oculus to work.I am using the Oculus build of UnrealEngine 4.25.4 and Vulkan.Using ODH, I downloaded and installed RenderDoc for Oculus v23.1(forked from v1.11).When I switch the Replay Context to "Oculus Qu...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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