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OVR Grabbable Snap to hand (i.e. a gun) - Unity

Ive spent way longer than i thought i would on this, like days...So id like to use the grabing scripts to grab a gun model and have it snap to my hand in the correct rotation.So far ive tried setting the position and rotation to a GameObject, ive tri...

Roomscale guardian issue

I'm not sure if this is the right place or how exactly to reproduce my issue, but here is what happens:I build my game on the oculus quest from unity and if the guardian is set to stationary, everything works excellently.If I instead have the quest o...

Pixel Jaggies

Hey everyone,I've spent the last few hours trying to solve this but I'm not sure anything can be done about it. Using latest unity and oculus integration package.I'm using a 96x96 pixel wall texture on cubes to create an old grid based dungeon crawle...

Maximum Connected Controllers?

Hey guys!I’m developing a training tool for the Quest and it would be quite beneficial to be able to pair 3 controllers to the Quest. Does anyone know if it’s possible to have more than 2 connected controllers? I’d be looking to switch the active con...

How to set up Client Achievements in Unity?

I have a box collider that is a trigger with a Script that runs Platform.Achievements.Unlock("HELLO_WORLD") because my Simple achievement name is "HELLO_WORLD". From what I understand from the documentation, this should work, as this achievement is m...

oculus quest pitch presentation feedback plz

I am developing a game to be released on Quest. I submitted a pitch presentation document for my game to be released in late April, but I haven't received any feedback until this month is over. Even if the business process is late due to the covid-19...

Need a tester for my thesis prototype.

Currently, I am working on my thesis for my degree and have built a VR piano game using unity 3d to help my studies. If there is anyone willing to help me it would greatly help in making my study better. The game isn't anything huge and it's not grap...

ZeroNLG by Level 2
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Throw Angular Velocity in Wrong Direction

In unity using the AvatarGrab example, I've noticed that when throwing things with a spin to it, the rotation will be in the wrong direction as soon as the grabbed item is let go. This happens with my own projects using the OVRGrabber/DistanceGrabber...

Recording Video within the Oculus Quest

I'm working on a VR application (in Unity) for the Quest that one of its features is to be able to record yourself from a camera. I have tried some assets like VR capture (by RockVR), but they only work on certain platforms such as Windows or macOS. ...

360 game with handtracking

Hi, we are developing a hand-track game, there is a tracking requirement "VRC.Quest.Tracking.1" for the oculus storeIt says "Sitting- The app must be completely playable while seated."Is that nessesary with the hand-track mode? Thanks!

Unity Cursor Locking & mouse delta issues

I'm trying to build a simple FPS with a mouse connected via the USB port to control the crosshair using unity but I'm finding that the mouse values I receive get clamped.I initialize cursor controller like so: void Start (){ UnityEngine.Cursor.lockSt...

Detect custom Hand gestures

Hi everyone,I am quite new to Oculus and Unity but I managed to set up a project and detect the pinching gesture.According to the Reference Guide (v16) the OVRHand Class has only 3 public functions and all is about pinching.In my project I want do us...

amirook by Level 2
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Quest Unity app is getting crashed while recording

Hi all,I have been building my custom VR game in unity and playing it. It is working seamlessly. But when i try to Record the experience it is getting crashed in some time.Recording is working with other application without any issue like BeatSaber,S...

Unity3D vs Unreal Engine?

Hi, I've installed both of Unity3D and UE4.And successfully deployed the first test app to my Oculus Quest. (It took a few days)I know it's not an easy question. But I'm really confused about which one I should continue with.Could you give me some ti...

Quest, RenderDoc, Vulkan, and UE 4.24.2

Hello,In the past, our team has been able to get RenderDoc captures from the quest for graphics debugging and analyzing performance, but having recently upgraded to the Oculus 4.24 Unreal branch with Vulkan enabled, we get a crash when trying to perf...

nkitten by Level 3
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Unity VR Tutorial Grabbing Bug

Hello, I am kinda new here, so I hope I don't do anything wrong.I am currently working on a VR Game and doing the first steps with the 23 hours Unity - Oculus Tutorial: Design, Develop, and Deploy in VR.I am right now in Unit 5.4 and have a Bug I am ...

Flayff by Level 2
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GTX 1650ti with Oculus Link?

Curious to know if anyone has tried the new GTX 1650ti chips with Oculus Link. We need to get some new multipurpose laptops and the new XPS 15 is Our preferred option. It seems like the 1650ti should make the grade, but I don’t want to invest in a bu...

Quest doesnt load on my computer anymore.

Hey y'all. My Oculus Quest, as the title says, doesnt load on my computer anymore. It is connected via a USB 3.0 cable which works for Oculus Link also. But since a few days, my Oculus just loads with the original Oculus cable.

Nalfeyn by Level 2
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attaching a vr camera to Quest

hey,I want to add a sterioscopic vr camera to the Quest to allow a high quality passthrough video feed.I checked the Zed mini camera, but it's not compatible (something about Nvidia platform).Any suggestions? alternatives?thanks.