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Normal maps not working on Oculus browser

Hi everyone. I am developing a project using Aframe but for some reason the normal map is not showing on Oculus Quest Browser, this is a glb model by the way. It renders as expected in Chrome Firefox and also Gear VR but for some reason it does not r...

Oculus Link and SteamVR clash in Unity?

Thanks in advance for your time. Is there a way of preventing SteamVR from popping up every time I click Play in the Unity editor while working on an OVR project? Currently as a quick(ish) workaround, I uninstall SteamVR every time I need to use Ocul...

Developer Mode disabled Bug (Oculus Quest) ?

Hi. I have a problem. I testing the Developer Mode on my Quest. Now I want to turn it off again via the Oculus app on the phone. I can turn it off, but the quest continues to show me the developer options. I have also restarted the quest. What can i ...

Oculus Quest Unity Increase render Scale

I can't seem to increase the rendering scale of my quest application.I'm using unity 2019.3.1f1 with URP 7.1.8 - FFR at 3 and MSAA at 4x.OVR integrations 13.0.Using renderDoc no matter what I do, the "RTDevcesEyeTextureArray" is constantly at 1216x13...

Oculus Virtual Environments

Is there anywhere I can find more information on Oculus Home Virtual Environments? I just recently got the Quest and am very excited to see that there are now two options for a Virtual Environment. What really excites me about these environment optio...

Quest using Link + Unreal

I am able to deploy any Unreal Built to the Quest, when not using the Link Cable.I can find the application in the Unknown Sources and launch it.But I can't figure out how to deploy a Built to the Quest when using the Link-Cable?Quest is connected wi...

remoz by Level 3
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Hey guys, I had an idea I think could revolutionize VR! So I’m sure everyone has gotten hooked on phone app games.. What if we had farming or advancing type game that converts into the vr version! So for example: How To Train Your Dragon game that yo...

Camera Shake by Zulubo not working ?

I am using this persons camera shake to try and make the camera shake when something happens after implementing it it works perfectly on the unity editor but as soon as i build it to the the headset it stops working.has anyone used this or have some ...

oculus debug tool / boneworks

Soi have a 1070ti - ryzen 5 and am using the given settings for oculus debug tool to boost my graphics while using link , this method works great for pavlov and stand out , but boneworks doesnt seem to have its graphhics improved at all ? why is this...

OVR Metrics

Hi. If I set the OVR Metrics app to records screenshots when detecting stale frames, where are those images saved? I hear a beep when it records, but I'm not sure where they end up. Regards

Quest App Publishing Issue-Reg

While publishing the app there is a issue in Quest V.2 signing and unity publishing settings.Help me to upload my app in oculus app store.1.Game Eng : Unity 2019.2 ; Oculus Ver : Latest Hand Tracking 12.0;

Quest won't display SBSAR materials

I'm using UE4 and Substance materials, when I apply the SBSAR material to my scene it displays properly but once I side load the project to the quest all I see is a flat grey material. Does the Quest support this type of material and if so are there ...

Maxer69 by Level 2
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Sharing UE4 Packages (non profit)

Hi, there Dear Oculus Quest World, Can I share My UE4 Packaged Build on my friend's Quest? I have managed to launch my test Unreal project on my quest, but I want my friend to test it on hers, is it possible? Or do I need to upload it to a store and ...