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Hand position doesn't reset on RESET Scene.

I am using OVR Player controller with Oculus Integration (from a few months ago) and Unity 2019.2 in a new scene but when the scene loads, the hands are offset from the camera . They still track but from the wrong origin. In the scene they are in the...

Display problems on Oculus Quest (Help me please!)

When I open any project on Oculus Quest a part of the virtual world appears with the wrong colors as in the photo.It does not happen systematically, sometimes there is no problem and it occurs later as soon as I start to insert elements or blueprints...

WebVR getVRDisplays() error

Hello!I have a problem with WebVR API, when I call a getVRDisplays() Oculus Browser returns error: Uncaught (in promise) DOMExceptionCode:navigator.getVRDisplays().then(displays => { if (displays.length) { VRManager.display = displays[0]; console.log...

Jittery Geometry

Hi there!@problem:I am getting jittery geometry when using the Quest and running a tiny demo project.@download:forum does not allow me to post a link@video:I also recorded a video from inside the Quest to demonstrate the does not allo...

remoz by Level 3
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Hopeless Avatar hands goes. Unity 2019.6.6f1, oculus intergration 12.0. Finally get hands to appear in local avatar (why I have to put in app ID is beyond me as I'm only seeing what unity can do, it seams like Oculus want to spy on everything everybody does!!..ty...

A few questions - first build

I've followed step by step tutorials, and pushed my first build, which is just the locomotion scene from the oculus assets. It seems to be pushed to the quest, but when I run it, I just get three dots.. and nothing happens.. just the three dots. What...

Unreal-->Quest: Materials are all black

Hi there!I am trying to deploy a test project from Unreal to Quest.I am able to run the application - but when I do so, all objects appear just black.I am using Substance Source Materials.Is this not supported?What am I missing here?thank you so much...

ramboli by Level 2
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Double-Vision in Unity Build?

Hello, all. I'm porting one of our experiences to Quest and I'm getting this strange visual bug:The skybox does not appear and everything is in double-vision. As far as I know, I'm using the settings that I do in my working template project. This is ...

UE 4.24 + QUEST : error reading .pak file

Hi,on UE 4.24 with a Quest, I tried to download, mount and read a .pak file.The processus works perfectly on windows but crash on quest.Parameter for android are good because all the rest of my application works perfectly on the questC++ code seem al...

Install a custom Android version on the Quest?

I am a scientific researcher looking to install a custom/modified version of Android on the the Oculus Quest.Does anyone here have any experience with doing this or something similar?Note - I have not yet started this journey and am merely looking to...

Black Artifacts and Jitter

Hi there!I was running my first quick test using Unreal and deploying to Oculus Quest.For some reason I am getting black artifacts and jitter on all my test levels.Here is a short Video I recorded to show this strange

remoz by Level 3
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Internet connection in sideloaded app

We are developing an app for quest in Unity engine that needs constant internet connection. But when running the app in quest, internet connection is not detected even though quest is connected to a wifi network. "Internet Connection - Required" is e...

How to move Player in Hand tracking

How to do the movement of a player while using hand tracking in the oculus quest? Anyone have done Player movement?Have tried to move OVRCameraRig with joystick four-button forward/backward/left/right. OVRCameraRig moves perfectly but issue is both H...

create a game

Hi , i would like to ask you an advice: if somebody has an idea to create a oculus game but he hasn't the skills and the knowledge in vr game creation how can he do it ? he must look for a developer who wants to collaborate with him? tell me if you h...

Debug tool with Quest Link not working?

so i tried the debug tool - changing pixel density and going for the supersampling .... and i did the performance overlay... nope. nothing. when i'm in the HOME and i tried some games... no overlay comes up and also no change in settings. i've tried ...