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Quest Audio

I've integrated FMOD into android studio for some Quest development and I'd like to add spatialization. I haven't seen a .so for FMOD (there's one for Wwise), so is there a solution for this perhaps it's using the Native spatializer .so? Any help app...

Track more than two hands

Hi there,for a project I want to track more than two hands. So for example track my own hands and the hands of another person in my FOV. Is this possible with the Oculus Quest? Do I have access to all currently tracked hands?Thank you very much for e...

Oculus App doesn't Quit the Unreal Game

Inside Unreal, I click PLAY.Then I quit the VR inside of Unreal, and the Unreal Performance drops because the OCULUS APP DOES NOT QUIT the game. As you can see on the screenshot below, the Oculus Quest Application believes it’s still playing and all ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Foveated rendering Quest 2 and Unity

I am enabling foveated rendering in Unity with:OVRManager.fixedFoveatedRenderingLevel = OVRManager.FixedFoveatedRenderingLevel.HighTop;Even though this is enabled and also the OVR Metric tool reports FOV: 4 the FFR is clearly not working. I have even...

Ayfel by Level 4
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Availability of Quest 2 for Developers

Hello,It think its safe to say we are excited to develop our titles for the Quest 2, wasnt considering current gen headsets but with 2k res and the power, we think we can develop the titles for standalone quest 2 without pc requirement. However getti...

Android build after introducing Oculus Integration

I'm trying to make a multi-platform game for Oculus Quest 2 and Android phonesBad,projects with Oculus Integration installed have problems with Android builds.The build passes without error, and the first startup after transferring to the actual mach...

Oculus Quest 2 WebXR

I am trying to run webxr VR experience coded in Babylonjs, on Oculus Quest 2 and is not working. I try to enable Webxr flags on the browser and I was not successful. Is even possible to run WebXR on Oculus Quest 2 Browser ?

arooly by Level 2
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VR keyboard TYPING using Oculus Quest Handtracking.

Hi, every Oculus Developers,Are you healthy under the Corona Pandemic?I wish all developers health first!This is a sort of VR keyboard typing API using fabulous Oculus hand tracking &using my touch buffer zone & my visual gauging & my several algorit...

VR Drawing "Cafeteria in a mirror"

This is my humble painting of the view of an outdoor cafe reflected in the wall mirror of a building.I drew this painting using my VR stylus API / my VR keyboard API /Oculus Quest hand tracking technology. stretched my ph...

Oculus Link Not Working

My Oculus windows app is v21.0.0 and the quest is v20.0.0, will this affect the editor debug process using the oculus link.If yes should I downgrade my Oculus PC app to v20.0.0, to make the oculus link work? But I can't seem to find the v20.0.0 of th...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Possible movement in home area ?

Would like to see the ability to freely move around with controllers throughout your home area. Similar to the rift home. But minus been able to modify the room. Or just make a quest home similar to the rift. I know plenty enjoyed making there own ho...

Cant make organization.

alright so I bought a oculus quest 2 yesterday and don't have link cable so I cant play steam vr games, so I got virtual desktop and trying to enable developer mode and make a organization. I cant do the organization because i cant put my debit card ...

Cannot create app, what is "test store" ?

I tried to create a new Oculus Quest app under the Organization, and I'm prevented with a message of "This org can only submit quest apps to the test store"What is the next step? I don't intend to try and push a _release_, I merely want to distribute...

dakom by Level 3
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First Steps Demo Unity/Ue4/Native?

Typing this on my Oculus Quest 2 while on vacation  Does anyone know what engine the First Steps tutorial uses? I wonder if Oculus would ever provide the source for that demo if they dont already ?

Anonymous by Not applicable
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