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Incorrect camera place in build (Unity)

Hi guys, I have a problem testing my game after building it for quest. The screen is all black and I can see 2 quads presenting camera view in the distance. I assume they should be right against my face... Those quads dont change in position, they st...

How does Remote rendering support for Unity works?

v13 Release notes:"Remote rendering support for Unity has been added so developers can more easily build and test Hand Tracking apps through their PC"I can't find any documentation on this. First I thought it would work like android remote rendering....

Quest Project Settings in Unreal

If found bits and pieces of Project Settings and recommendations what you have to do in order to develop specifically for the Quest.However. I am not able to resolve FPS issues. Even if I am testing just primitive objects like 1 x plane and 1 x spher...

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6DOF tracking with Oculus Link

Hey,Been searching for some info, but would be great to understand if, when in Link mode, the Quest still uses its own inside-out tracking. Also, is it possible to use the hand tracking feature of the SDK on a desktop rendered experience?

Terrains on the Quest

Has anyone successfully implemented terrains in Unity on the Quest? I'm using Unity 2019.1.14, LWRP. When I add a terrain into the scene (just a bare terrain, no trees or anything) the FPS just tanks, even with FFR turned to high. The terrain is only...

Convert Oculus rift app to Oculus Quest

Hello Friends , i have create one games in 2016 or oculus not i want to port this game for oculus Quest also. Any one ca help me for this . It will be very helpful fro me is any one help me. Thanks In Advance.

Unity Dev - VideoPlayer using URL - nothing but green

I am creating an app for the Oculus Quest that will let a user navigate through a hierarchy of various 360 videos. I initially started by bundling the videos in the apk but that gets out of hand quickly and causes memory issues with the builds. I swi...

rlogan by Level 3
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High Resolution Video in Quest App

Hello,I am building an Application on Oculus Quest using Unity engine. In the application there is a scene where I play a 360 video of high resolution (5760x2880); I am using render texture of the same size then a I am using the material in the skybo...

[Unity] quest hand tracking with Canvas UI

I'm trying hand tracking feature on quest and I can use hand tracking very easily with 3D objects (also thanks to the sample scene and assets present in SampleFramework folder of the Oculus integration), but I have some difficulties interacting with ...

hands not showing up with LocalAvator Unity

I'm using LocalAvatar -> AvatarGrabberLeftOculus QuestUnity 2019.1.12f1Oculus Integration 1.39I can grab objects but my hands are like invisible. I'm new to unity Oculus Quest development. I created a brand new project with just 1 cube so I can grab ...

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Application is not saved on Oculus

Hello,I am developing a VR application, a very simple scene consists of a plane and multiple cubes and a sphere. Attached are the build settings.The issue is, when I Build the application does not show on Oculus, yet when I Build And Run the applicat...

Shader Model 5 vs. ES 3.1

Developing in Unreal for the Quest.What Shader Model is recommended?I am assuming ES 3.1?I was just wondering, when switching from Shader Model 5 to ES 3.1 my preview in Unreal is changing.I am confused. When I do the shading, lighting and look dev, ...

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about vulkan support

If the project I'm developing builds with vulkan, the app dies.So after debugging, the following Device profile is shown.01-23 16:58:19.802: D/UE4(12008): [2020.01.23-07.58.19:802][ 0]LogAndroid: Selected Device Profile: [Android_Adreno5xx_No_Vulkan]...

Emissive Material?

An emissive material ist not working when deploying to the Quest.What's the workaround?Is it actually possible possible to deploy Shader Model 5 to the Quest?Thank you

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