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i cant buy any games

i need help buying games for my oculus quest 2 i cant buy anything because everytime i try to it says we've noticed something unusual and, for your security, this request couldn't be completed. please try again later

Metaverse Lands for Oculus Quest ??

does Meta [formerly Facebook] have specific metaverse lands platform for their products like as oculus quest 2? or have to use other platforms like as SomniumSpace?anybody have experienced with that?and what are the best platforms at the moment??any ...

Spectator Mode for Quest2

Accidently posted in the Comunity Forums by accident before hopefully someone in here might know a bit more. Looking for any documentation on how to implement the spectator mode shown recently at a oculus event. Basically the feature is a separate ca...

USB-C link fails to connect but keeps charging

I'm using Oculus Quest 2 and my PC's system is Windows. And I have opened Developer mode in my Oculus App. I tried to connect my quest 2 to with my PC by USB-C or Double C link, but both of these attempts failed. When I use USB-C port, it keeps charg...

Mixed Reality Capture tool never loads

I was able to install the Mixed Reality Capture tool successfully, but when I try to run it on my Windows 10 computer (fresh installation as of this writing), the tool opens a blank black background with no buttons. After watching videos of what shou...

Using post process materials in ue4 with Quest

I'm trying to use a post process material in UE4 but in order to use it I have to turn on Mobile HDR in the project settings. As soon as I do the scene is getting this weird far clipping issue with objects dropping out, the sky being black, etc. Not ...

Miroac by Level 2
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Advanced GPU OVR metrics not working

I've been using OVR Metrics HUD with the advanced GPU metrics since it was made available, and for the most part it has worked very well. Lately though it just stopped working and is giving me garbage values, and I've tried factory resetting, downloa...

Where to get the for Quest 2?

Hello, I'm testing out a game concept that uses the Paralution C++ library for efficient matrix calculations on the GPU. I currently have the library exported as a shared library (only a .dll for Windows at the moment) that exposes some extern method...

donpek by Level 2
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Resolved! Testing without wearing headset? NATIVE

Hi,I have a quest 2 headset and I'm working with NATIVE samples, for example VrCubeWorld_SurfaceViewI dont want to use Unity or Unreal, just plain native platform, So, every time I make a change and want to test it I have to put on the headset and se...

WebVR & Oculus

Hi Is there a way to pack a threejs app as an application for oculus rather than using the 3D browser ? I'm thinking about a native oculus app, which use oculus browser, pointing to local resources. Thank you

fttest by Level 2
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Launch from Unknown Sources

Hi everyone, I deployed some apks using Developer Hub and they were working fine in Q2, but since I used the Project Launcher Unreal tab, I can't launch them from within Quest anymore.

Ozua by Level 2
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Hello! I change my oculus username to “Female_Josuke,” i’ve waited eight months to change it, but unfortunately if I attempt to, it says I still have to wait 6 months. I could really use some support for this issue

Firmware update delays

Is there any way as a developer we can force a firmware update as waiting for the roll outs takes way too long (months sometimes). It is becoming increasingly difficult to get the latest firmware to test new features like ASW. I find it ridiculous th...

DrDubya by Level 3
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Z Buffer Precision Issues

Hey all - Just getting in to Quest development on Unity. Having great fun so far, but running into z buffer precision issues. I'm working on a flight sim, so we have a very large depth range. I'm noticing that the Quest's z-precision feels a little b...

SecurityException when accessing Bluetooth API

I'm trying to access the Bluetooth API within a Unity project, but I end up with a SecurityException:01-24 20:40:47.280 26380 26405 E Unity : AndroidJavaException: java.lang.SecurityException: Need BLUETOOTH permission: Neither user 10076 nor current...

harrz-s by Level 3
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Hand tracking -> no hands rendering

Hello, I'm trying to test the hands interactions train scene, but have no hands rendering in the scene. Same with the hand test scene. All seems to be well configured but still no hands input visible on the scene (the gesture to get the menu is worki...

Medal Of Honor not installing

Recently, I bought Medal of Honor for my quest 2. I tried downloading it and it gave me a notification about me not having enough storage. So I decided to delete most of my apps. once I had 42 gigabytes left I realized I can download it, so I tried t...

vChipzz by Level 2
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