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App getting Crash at First time after Install in Quest

Hi,I have exported my project for Oculus Quest from unity.After installing an APK to Quest, if i open application was not opening, its taking so much time and then its showing some message and crashed.If i open 2nd or 3rd time application is getting ...

O_D by Level 2
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Crash using Vulkan and Unity 2019.3.5f1

I am using Unity 2019.3.5f1 and Oculus to try to make a game for the Quest. I am getting an issue, though, when I try to build and run it. It works perfectly fine in the editor, but when I try to build and run it, it just crashes. In the headset, it ...

BSFishy by Level 2
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USB Debugging Never Appearing on Oculus Quest

When I have developer mode on, I'm not getting a request to allow usb debugging on my computer. When I turn off developer mode is asks me to give permission, but not the debugging one, just a basic permission with no check box. I have tried everythin...

Ethan_S by Level 2
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Moving Grabbed Objects jitter (Unity)

Using Unity 2018.4.5 and Oculus 1.38When I hold an object (simple scene with just a cube) in my hand, then the movement of this grabbed cube is very jittery and not smooth at all.Using OVRPlayerController with LocalAvatar in TrackingSpace and AvatarG...

Matchmaking on Oculus quest

Hi! I'm creating quest online app by myself. As i understand from docs i should register my quest app before i can use app ID for creating rooms.But i can't create app because it's not exist in platform section.I've read somewhere(don't remember) tha...

Finger Tracking

Has any developers thought about combining the hand tracking with controllers to get a move reliable finger tracking in games ??So your able to move every finger and get a more realistic finger point etc..

Microphone recording and speech recognition

Hello,We are using speech recognition in our VR application : we record samples form the microphone and then we send the samples into the cloud (GoogleSpeechReco) to obtain the result. It works fine on the Rift -first version- but the same applicatio...

Gildas by Level 2
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Laptop does not recognize laptop, or vice versa.

Originally posted in support until I found out about the developer forums.When plugging in my quest to my laptop, while in or out of developer mode. I never get the prompt to allow file transfer. I do know that my laptop is connected, as the quest is...

caBEARa by Level 2
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[QUEST] Freeze with multiples lineRenderers

Hi everyone,I'm beginner on Unity development and oculus quest development.I would like to try to display different perimeters. Each perimeter is the same that the outer boundary and i apply it rotations.So, i reuse an oculus script I have modified. ...

Oculus Quest Remote controlling

Hello. Recently I started development for Quest via native SDK tools, but really annoying that I should always wear helmet or take controllers in hand (it explicitly required, for exampe in VRCubes in samples). PS and XBOX always allow you remote deb...

Any courses for Oculus Quest optimization in Unity?

I was just curious if there were any courses anyone has come across which focus on optimizing your Unity scene for Oculus? I'm new to the VR space and working on a VR meeting room project for work. We tend to rapidly develop ideas for our demos, so m...

Error grab object second controller.

Hello everyone, I have one bug in my scene and I do not know how fix it. Possible someone can halp me. I create app for Oculus Quest in Unity 2019.3. In My scene have couple cannon tools and user must use it one by one, but when I grab 5th tool, one ...

IAP LaunchCheckoutFlow not working as expected

Hi guys,I have an issue with the Platform.IAP.LaunchCheckoutFlow function. It ultimately doesn't work as expected. I use the same call on a Rift title and that seems to work fine. As in: the player will get a popup screen to buy the IAP. When I call ...

What texture format is best

Hi everyone, i'm new to Unity VR development so please be kind.I'm doing this huge project where i have a massive amount of pieces of geometry, all with quite a lot of textures coming from substance painter.In order to get the entire scene to load i'...

Unity exported application is running Upside down

Hi,I have exported the apk file from Untiy to Quest.Tested the application in unity its working fine.After exporting an apk and installed in quest, when i run a application the whole application is running upside down.Tried changing all the setting i...

O_D by Level 2
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67 percent more power in Quest with AI

Hi AllI read in the Facebook Researchers found a way to give ro Oculus Quest more GPU power.Althougt Facebook say us that this is “purely research, I think that coulb be interesting know more about this topicmore info here https://upload...

Resolved! OVRInput data only provides numbers in with one decimal

Good morning guys,Right now, we're developing games in Oculus Quest and we would like to output position, velocity, acceleration data for data analysis. However, it appears that the data output from Oculus Quest is only in one decimal numbers (e.g. 0...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Access DSP on Quest

is it possible to target the Snapdragon's DSP to do, well, more signal processing?We have a native library that could do with access to DSP rather than running it on a Gold core, or maybe be at least passing some functionality off to the DSP?Is it po...