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Optical identification (QR Code, Barcode, ...)

Hello, is there a workflow for optical identification like scanning a QR Code or barcode or something similar? We would need this feature for Oculus Quest 2 in Unity. Thank you very much for your answers and ideas in advance!All the best, Robert

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! How to enable handtracking 2.0 on Unity?

I've updated to the latest OVR Plugin, can't see anything new.Some of my apps heavily relies on quick handtracking and could really benefit from it. Also, is there a link for direct contact form for development support? Can't seem to find it either. ...

OVRPlayerController not working correctly

I'm trying to get the OVRPlayerController (from the Oculus Integration package on the Unity Asset Store) to work. I'm building for Quest and I'm using Unity2019.2.0f1 with Oculus Integration v1.39 to build my APK'sI'm able to build and run the APK, b...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Roomscale Tracking inconsistent

Hi Everyone,I developed an app where there are 3D Models in VR, which represent furniture in real life.The purpose of this app is to see the furniture in VR but feel it in real life.The problem is, that the tracking of the real world has to be consis...

My apps no longer open (Developer mode)

Hello everyone, today i discovered that many of my applications developed with Unity no longer open, some do not start at all, in others only the black screen appears. Now the apps have been installed on different devices and different accounts.the p...

Argan93 by Level 2
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AppLab Approval times

Hi - I submitted an app on Feb 17, 2022 ... after 4 weeks i received a change request for the artwork. I re-submitted the next day after changing the artwork, and its been 4 additional weeks now (8 weeks since original submit) and the app just sits "...

Quest 2 Problematic Bluetooth

I've been having issues with the quest 2 Bluetooth. I'm trying to develop a sensor to feed data into the quest and display it in a game. The sensor pairs well with both android and windows devices, but not so much with the quest. When I attempt pairi...

mberna by Level 3
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How to get the poked point in OVR handtracking?

I want to add a screen(actually cube) im the scene, and when I hand pokes the screen, it will store the poked coordinate of its local system in a variable.How to get the coordinate when it is poked?I can't find any API to do this.Background:Gonna to ...

kobe972 by Level 2
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urgent quest!! please help

I m gonna export this VR headphone to other countries and the airline need to UN38.3 test report.anyone has a link or something smillar UN38.3 test report??I need it urgent!!!!!!!!

Quest: check if HandTracking or Controller is active

Is there a way in Unity to check if Handtracking is active or controller?With OVRHand.IsTracked I can check if a hand is currently tracked, but this does not tell me if handtracking is active.Also, is there a similar command to check if teh Quest los...

Oculus update 0.39 broke UE4 game

My game using UE 4.25 has worked perfectly for a long time but after the latest Quest update 0.39 it will no longer launch. All that happens is the home menu disappears for a few seconds and re appears. It doesn't even generate a log file if I make a...