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How to set required play area dimensions?

I remember seeing certain apps have a popup saying "you play space needs to be at least x by z meters to play this app". Seems it should go in the Android Manifest since it says it before starting the app , but I could not find any info regarding thi...

Passthrough+ without unity

I am trying to get passthrough+ working for a godot app using the OpenXR addon.I am having a hard time finding any documentation about what steps to implement using OpenXR to activate passthrough+.Could you provide a minimal C++ example or tell me th...

DerKorb by Level 2
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Mixed reality capture

Hello!I am trying to implement Mixed Reality Capture in my Quest app.I am using Unity 2019.3.0f6, the newest Oculus integration plugin from Asset Store and Oculus XR plugin v1.3.4 installed via Unity Package Manager.Also, I have tried an older versio...

TSUKAT by Level 2
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Resolved! Problem with MediaProjection and permission dialog

HiIm new to oculus development (Oculus Quest 2) and im trying simple app for making screenshots and screen recording. But im having a problem with permission to retrieve MediaProjectionApiI start activity for result, and the standard android dialog f...


Cloud Save Failure

Hello, I am trying to save some data to the cloud using the CloudStorage2 API. It works well for me on my headset, but another colleague trying out the same gets this exception below. Kindly help me understand what conflict is this exactly and how ca...

[Unity Resolution Scale on Quest2]

Hi, with Unity 2020 and Quest2, what's the correct way to set a custom rendering resolution? I just want to lower it, i tried with UnityEngine.XR.XRSettings.eyeTextureResolutionScale but with no success. Thank!

Test User Personalized Avatar

We installed a Test User account on a Quest 2.After configuring an avatar in that account it shows up, when opening the avatar editor again, but we don't get the avatar in our application.It does not even show up when checking the profile in the Ocul...

Identify Oculus Quest device on a local network.

From a Windows PC, I am trying to indentify an Oculus Quest device connected to the same WIFI as the host computer. By doing a Ping Sweep, I am able to get a response from the Quest, and I've confirmed one of the IPs returned by the the ping sweep co...

App freezes when turning passthrough off at runtime

Hi, I've gotten the new passthrough API in Unity to work in my app. I have it turning on at the start, but I'd like to turn it off programmatically later. I tried setting the isInsightPassthroughEnabled property to false on OVRManager, but my app fre...

manrad by Level 2
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Adjustable IPD too low

Hi,never had a VR before, because the cable bothered me a lot. With Air Link I thought, now you buy one.But I noticed immediately, everything is blurry and out of focus. Only a small area in the center is ok. After a short research I found the proble...

Spectator camera in unity

I've been trying to implement the spectator camera, but I am unable to run the example provided in the oculus integration plugin - the one mentioned here: I switch to th...

Dynamic Shadow

@problem:I can't get dynamic shadows working.Using Unreal UE4 4.25.Directional Light --> StationaryCast Shadows: TrueDynamic Shadows: TrueWhat am I missing here?

remoz by Level 3
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Quest 2 passthrough for AR Unreal Engine

When will pass through and camera depth be entirely available for Unreal Developers to access?Everything I’m seeing shows it’s available now in unity but I see nothing about Unreal? Passthrough functionality and depth information access needs to be s...

quest 2 refresh rate 100/110 Hz

from 72 to 80 and then to 90 Hz are not big steps, but from 90 to 120 at once is a high jump. It would be beautiful to have the option to set refresh rate 100 and 110 Hz.

odin-0 by Level 3
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Is anyone running RenderDoc for Quest successfully with UE4? I was able to last year, but for the entirely of this year it has been failing with one of 2 errors. Either a FrameCapturer failure or a SEGV_MAPERR fault. Any help would be appreciated.

Keyboard issues

Hello Any suggestions on how to enter keyboard characters such as "$" when entering text on an Oculus Quest 2 app? I see that some characters are not available. Thanks

ameedr by Level 2
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quest2开发使用ouclus link

请问使用我是否可以任一从unity 打包一个exe,然后奖exe 放进oculus 商店里面,然后启用oculus link来进行流式传输到头盔 我这样试了 还不行

Using cameras in quest app

I'm looking into getting a quest for vr development and have a few questions:1. What language does it use?2. Can I create an app that uses the camera, say takes a picture, rotates it, and then displays it on the screens?

Resolved! Oculus App Lab / not input-focus aware

I am using Unreal Engine 4.25.4 and am trying to submit my build to the Oculus Developer portal for Abb Lab.When I try to upload a build, it tells me "The focus aware manifest meta-data tag must be set with required=“true”…and points me to here:devel...