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free-roaming and Quest2 (arilink / virtual desktop)

Level 5

Hello everyone.

I'm creating a free-roam experience but my zone is larger than the guardian maximum range.
I then deactivated the guardian boundaries and I'm using either air link or virtual desktop to stream the PC image to my headset.
However i have an issue. After laving the headset alone for a few minutes, when i place it back on my head, the tracking center shifts and is reset to my head position. 
It is imperative i have a tracking center that's always at the right place (or similar systems to make sure the (0,0,0) is always physically at the same place)
Does anyone know the answer to one or more of these questions ?

- Can i force a larger guardian and handle the drift myself
- Can i prevent the quest2 from resetting the tracking center on wake when guardian is disabled
- Can i stop the quest2 from showing Guardian, warning messages and pass trough when going outside of the guardian zone (but still have a "guardian" and tracking center internally)?
- Is there anything planned for free-roam experiences at all ?

I have made some tests and created an experience of 25mx25m and the drift is very acceptable (5-10cm at worst) and easily fixable trough a small calibration system.
It's just hat I'm being denied a fixed and trustworthy tracking center.

Any advice/info is welcome.