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null pointer dereference FAudioDeviceManager::GetActiveAudioDevice() on downloaded Development build

We're doing development builds to do profiling, (an Unreal 4.26 project) and it would be much easier if we could just download them from the store rather than copying them over the network.  The same build that we're uploading runs fine if installed from the local version.  But when downloaded from the store, it crashes:

a null pointer dereference in FAudioDeviceManager::GetActiveAudioDevice() 

called from FOculusMRModule::OnInitialWorldCreated


Anyone know what would cause this?  Could it have anything to do with the apk name? I ask because usually we upload our development builds with the apk name format like this:




Those uploaded builds will run when downloaded from the store, although we cannot do profiling on them for some reason.  Today I changed the apk name to be




which is the name it creates by default.  With that name, the local version installs and runs, but when uploaded and then downloaded from the store, it crashes.


Any idea what is going on?