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'please use non profiling mode to launch process' while use RenderDoc

Level 3

RenderDoc for oculus must be used with the project built by the UnrealEngine-Oculus branch?

tried to use RenderDoc for oculus with project built by the epic UnrealEngine4.27.0 source code, while Launch with ProfilingMode, pop up 'please use non profiling mode to launch process'


Level 2

I get that same "Please use non profiling mode to launch process" when trying to launch a unity app. I've tried looking around and haven't found any official documentation on what it means or why it pops up. Would be great if anyone from Oculus or someone who's successfully dealt with this problem could address this!

Level 3

You can use non profiling mode to launch the process and make captures, then switch over to profiling mode to use the profiling features. We have to disable non-profiling mode capture due to a Qualcomm bug that can crash apps that contain invalid commands. We will allow non-profiling mode capture once this bug is fixed.

The capture you make with RenderDoc for Oculus is the same as regular RenderDoc: it simply contains one frame of recorded commands that was used to draw the frame. When you use RenderDoc for Oculus to query performance information, it is replaying the commands and querying the system for the performance information.

Thanks Jimmy, this worked! From the documentation I didn't realize that you could open a capture in a different profiling mode than it was originally captured in but now it makes a lot of sense that it can! I'm glad it have it working now, thanks 🙂