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sound not coming from earphones in unity

Level 3

i've been building a multi scene demo app in unity for the quest 2 and it was working fine before christmas but now its picked up a really odd bug that i cannot figure out.


i have an intro scene with a video, then it loads the game scene which is a room with some ambient background sounds (a crowd of people talking). these are 2 unity audio source objects playing mp3s .


if i have earphones plugged in, when the app starts everythings ok, the sound from the video is played through the earphones. but when the next scene loads, the sounds from the unity audio source objects are played through the quest 2 speakers, not through the earphones. 


i've tried a different set of earphones, same result and all other sounds on the quest 2 come through them when plugged in.  the app is installed and running directly on the headset im not using the usb dev connection or link.


i've tried adding the audio source with mp3 to the first scene and it comes through the earphones fine.

the only thing i can see that is different is the second scene is accessing the microphone.