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360 photos and 360 videos in stereoscopic

Level 2
360 photos: has anyone been able to produce a stereoscopic 360 photo for the gear vr?
how is the stereo pair formatted? .mpo and .jpg sxs doesn't seem to work.
what is the 3D file path?
are there two cube maps?
are the file names of each face different for right and left eyes, for _px (say _px_L and _px_R) etc.

360 videos: stereoscopic works great with gear vr.
But i get the zaggies when rendering to 1080p or 720p from any size source image.
what resolution works best to first scale the video source to before rendering in 1080p and 720p?
Many thanks.

Level 2
Have you figure this problem out? Can someone answer?

I also have a stereo spherical projection pngs but have no idea how to view it in the gearVR. What are the X file and THM file in the 360photo folder?

Level 3

Level 2
1. The mobile documentation gives details for Panoramic Stills and Videos in the Media_Creation_Guideline.pdf
Documentation says that you can use 1024x1024x6 cube maps or 2:1 equirectangular projection panoramas ( spherical projection )
The mobile examples in the sdk are six 1536 pixel by 1536 pixel jpeg images
The curated 360cities panoramas that are viewed with the native panorama viewer application are cube maps. There is a .x appended to each jpg image. There is a .thm 256 x 160 pixel thumbnail. This is on the micro SD card.

2. Also, there are some example files in the mobile SDK
CubePano_nz.thm ( 256 x 160 pixel thumbnail )

You can stitch 360 spherical photos using software tools suc as Kolor's Autopano or Ptgui
Pano2VR is a useful tool

3. There is information about Panoramic Videos in the mobile documentation. There are examples in the mobile SDK.
You can use Kolor Autopano Video software to stitch the video. Kolor also some solutions for 360 video capture.

Level 3
Thanks "Stoney" for taking time to explain it very clearly.

Level 2
Stoney, thanks a lot for the detailed explanation. I went through the Media_Creation_Guidelines. However, I can't find a way to do stereo panoramic stills. Does anyone knows what format does the gearVR needs in order to read panoramic stills in stereo?

Level 2
1. Look at 360Photos examples in the mobile SDK.

I believe that the native application example draws the left and right eyes for you. The spherical cube images are the same as you would use for displaying them on the web. You just need to add the additional 256 x 160 pixel thumbnail .thm and an optional .txt file.

2. The native application example

3. You can use a panoramic head such as Nodal Ninja for capturing 360 VR Photos.
You can process these photos using Autopano or Ptgui

4. You can use GoPro mounts such as the Freedom360 to capture video. You can stitch the video using Autopano Video.

Level 2
Sorry I still not quite understand. Lets assume I have two spherical panorama photo, one for the left eye and another for the right eye. Is there anyway to view it on gearVR in a simple way (just like appending the file name with _LR for video) ? Or do we have to go in ovr_mobile_sdk_20141111/VrNative/Oculus360Photos to modify the code and build our own application to enable viewing stereo panorama photos?

Level 2
Yes I am interested in doing stereoscopic panoramic stills as well, if anyone cracks that nut I would love to hear about it.

If anyone is looking for an easy way to make the cube faces you can do it easily w/ KRPanoTools,

Another first step would be how to get the nice neat titles that the built in content has. I tried adding my titles to the attributes.txt file both in the oculus photo directory on the phone and card and neither updated the title for my images.

Level 2
As far as I know, a *.thm file is nothing more then a *.jpg file. but with the extension .thm.

E.g. if you rename the .thm files in ovr_mobile_sdk_20150106\sdcard\oculus\360Photos to .jpg you will see the image.

Regarding the info .txt, I guess it should have the same name as the photo, however what contents should it have?

The Media Guidelines only have an example for movie meta-data:


"title": "The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies",
"format": "3DLRF",
"category": "trailers"

I've had a look in the src code of 360Photos, but nothing about stereo. Is it even supported in the current version of 360Photos app?