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A way to disable the red light while chromecasting?

Level 4
I'm trying out the new Chromecast feature, and I mostly like it, but the red dot in the corner of my vision is annoying, and I feel like it'll confuse/distract new users when I'm demoing. (It's very easy to accidentally mistake it for a cursor..) Is there a way to disable having that dot show up while casting?

Level 3
Yeah also pretty annoying, I'd love to find a way to disable this.

Level 2
Is there a place where we can make a feature request for this please?  I'm making an app for the Gear VR that needs to constantly cast the customer's experience and I have received loads of feedback about the dot.  If it can be disabled, that would be *phenomenal*.

Not applicable
Here the same problem. Looking for a way to disable the red dot when using chromecast. It is suppose to be an immersive experience. No need for a dot or any other UI when watching content.