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Anshar Wars 2 most complete Gear VR game

Level 3
It's available now. Complete with a story, voice acting, and some Star Fox type gameplay and very smooth controls I must admit it's pretty darn cool! At $14.99 it's worth every penny. Whats more is that I played on my Note 4 for over an hour without my cooling solution attached and it never once overheated. YES IT WORKS ON NOTE 4! Many thanks to the developers Ozwe Games. Hopefully there are more things to come with so much care for compatibility for all Gear VR phones, these guys really took pride in their work. It's the most complete Gear VR game to date.

Level 2
Glad to hear! Good luck!

Level 3
I'm really enjoying this game ,but can't get through level 4 due to overheating on s6 edge :cry:

Level 4
I wish the overheating message could be dismissed, like it can in many other apps and wouldnt do a force stop. As often i was close to finishing a level and had to do it all over again because of the overheating and wish i could just finish to save it, even if it was not at optimal performance.

But maybe the temperature is already too high for a dismiss, not sure.