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Back button confusion?

Level 2
Has anyone else had trouble explaining how to use the back button to most people? Not in the physical button itself, but in the fact that you have to push the 'Back' button to get to the screen that asks if you want to return to Oculus Home and then you have to hit the touchpad to select yes.

Personally I don't have a problem with it and people I show it to that game don't either, but when I put my father in this thing and explain that he has to hit the physical back button, look at yes, then hit the touchpad to select yes he gets confused. More often then not, he hit's the back button, looks at yes, then hits the back button again and gets confused when it takes him back to the demo he's in.

I was trying to think of a reasonable solution to this since it makes sense that the touchpad goes forward and the back goes back, and the best I could come up with is to have it so that if you just *looked* at 'yes' for long enough then it selects it. Either that, or have less easily confused relatives.

Level 5
Interesting. The only people I've had to explain it to have been dedicated iOS users who aren't used to having a button to go back. Other than that, people seem to get it. 🙂
Oculus Community Manager - kweh!

Level 7
Somewhat related to this topic, I'd like to add that the aiming target seems a bit off for the Yes and No choices. It's not an issue after lots of practice, but for first timers it can be confusing to aim directly at the "Yes", tap the touchpad and have nothing happen simply because the top half of "Yes" doesn't work.

dedicated iOS users

Reminds me of when I returned a new Android phone because it wouldn't power on -- turns out I needed to put the battery in first. 😄 Just never dawned on me that the battery wouldn't already be inside the phone after using iOS devices for so long.
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