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Cloudlands VR Minigolf Coming to Gear VR?

Level 2
So on the Oculus homepage for the Gear VR (, scroll about half way down where it is advertising the controller and click on the "Flick It" tab. There you will see a screenshot of Cloudlands VR Minigolf. All other tabs are games that are currently available, but there is no information online about this coming to the Gear VR. The textures are gone and resolution is much lower than the PC version, so it is a customized version of the game.

I think this game would be perfect on the Gear VR with the controller after trying it on an HTC Vive.

Anyone know any info on if or when this game is supposed to release for Gear VR?

Level 2
Hi HOrobOD!  I thought I'd just updated this thread and let you know we've just launched the game today 🙂  Cheers!

Level 4
It looks like fun lebolay, if there is a group finder and voice chat built in for multi play I will be all over it.