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Content you would like to see on Gear VR

Level 4
I'm not a developer; just a user. Wanting to get an idea of what people would like on Gear VR. Maybe a developer will make our wishes come true.

Quake VR (game is 16 years old so I "assume" the Note 4 should handle it)
Mechwarrior VR (another 16 year old game)
Shenmue (old Sega dreamcast game I use to play)
Flight Sim
Unreal Tournament VR
Half life (not sure if the Note can handle this one)
Roller coaster simulator (build your on rides and download to the SD card)
NBA court side view with selectable angles
Arcarde racing (from the drivers seat with plenty of hills)
Full Screen game emulator (Sega, Nintendo and Mame)

Hell; I can see many of those old school games getting reworked for Gear VR. I would love me a VR online Mech combat game. Most games back then were light by today's standards and ran on Pentium 2 single cores running 300 to 400MHz. I believe Gear VR could bring new life to some of them.

Level 3
how about just making the twitch chat work properly in oculus video/social , then we can talk about using the rest of my phones apps in vr , an actual web browser, enabling things like wifi/gps, using my ps4 controller, or using paned windows in vr.

Level 3
I would want fantasy world to explore in detail. Like free flow walking not click to move up so far. I would like it to feel like a normal world like I belong there and not like all video ish like if that makes any sense lol. Like for example that demo " element engine " I like the world it is in but want to be able to walk around and go into buildings and walk where I want when I want. I want to be able to say man it is a horrible day outside let me get lost in this futuristic vr city.

Level 3
Super Metroid

Level 3

Speaking of Blizzard, what about Starcraft?

Please god almighty

Level 4
I wonder if there is an open source RTS game similar to Command & Conquer or Warcraft that could be ported easily to Gear VR? I would love to see a full featured campaign in VR. The overhead view is so nice.

Also, a tower defense game on par with Defense Grid would be a dream. I've heard of a few tower defense games out already but not sure which is the best or if any are worth playing.

Level 3
A simple camera app with zoom control and auto focus.