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Did the new VR update break 3rd party controllers?

Level 2
Has anyone else had difficulty getting other controllers to work on the new Gear VR 2017 like the Xbox one or the Ipega 9028?  I used both controllers on my S7 with the older Gear VR but with the last update only the new Samsung controller seems to work.  Am I missing something? 

To clarify I tried the S7 on both Gear headsets and the S8 on the new Gear VR headset and the controllers do pair and work on both phones in android Nougat but could not get any other controllers to work in VR

Level 2
I did also noticed, my Speedlink controller does not work anymore.

Level 2
yeah its not working for me either was there a fix to this problems. or pretty much no one cares anymore and decided to switch to google?