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Distribute Gear VR App Without Publishing On Store?

Level 2

We have been working with an R&D segment of a company on building a prototype app that showcases how VR can help certain divisions of this company. Some people in this company are in different continents and have a Gear, so we'd like to be able to send them the app. We can't make the app publically available on the store, so is it possible to distribute the app without having to get the device IDs through ADB?

I noticed two pages in the oculus docs that may be of relevance, but I'm not sure if those options are available for the Gear VR.
Daydream doesn't have this DRM problem. Any help would be appreciated!


Level 3
Interesting question. Have you found a solution yet?

Level 3
There's a couple different apps out there that can help streamline the Device ID indentification. We created a super simple one that can be downloaded and ONLY gives you your Device ID, and nothing else:

We also have a whole guide on how to streamline Gear VR app creation and distribution. Worth a look if you're still publishing to the platform: