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Enterprise Apps on Oculus Store

Level 3
how is Oculus planning on supporting enterprise apps for the GearVR? We have a solid customer base in architecture, but right now we distribute our app privately. However, this makes distribution a pain as we need to generate OSIGs for every new customer. Putting it on the Oculus Store would mean getting a lot of false positives of people who try the app, but can't do much if they haven't talked to our sales team.

Any thoughts on how we can make it easier for folks to try our software? Is the Oculus Store the right place for this? If not, how do we deal with OSIGs?

Level 3
I'd like to bump this question.

There does seem to be a third-party solution:

I haven't tried contacting them to upload anything but I have downloaded a few Gear VR apps and it all worked very well.

This is a really critical question and it would be great if Oculus could acknowledge that the issue is in mind.

The Gear VR is absolutely wonderful, I think, for 'feeling the space'. I think it is a 'killer' experience right now.

Anyway, sayangel, I may have a closer look at sideloadVR. If I do I'll let you know my experience. (And if you look yourself it would be great to hear feedback.)

Maybe even someone at Oculus might have a look at sideloadVR and see if they might 'integrate' in some way? It is very entrepreneurial for this character to do this on their own (a bit like the Oculus story?).

Surely this is an absolute must?

Level 2
I have the exact same problem: we have a VR app we want to distribute to 240 devices for a client, but we absolutely do not want to make available to the public, and currently our only options are third party services and making individual, device-locked builds for each of the 240 devices.

We are doing an increasing amount of business of this type and the lack of a solution for enterprise distribution will definitely affect our choice to use Oculus in future.

Level 4
I read the title of this post and though, "OMG!!! A Star Trek VR app that allows you to explore the Enterprise would be awesome!" Then I read the post and realized what it was. 😞 Now I'm sad.

Level 3
We're having the exact same issue. We've got over 200 sig files for the moment and would love a way to do enterprise distribution of the app.

Level 3
was there any resolution offered here? we also have enterprise apps that need easier private distribution options, and im super keen to encourage our clients to buy the oculus go when it comes out. ...

Level 3
Ditto.  Please update us on the enterprise solutions for Oculus Go. Is there the ability to charge a monthly subscription for access to your app? 

Level 3
no solution from Oculus. We built our own in house system for distributing to GearVR's belonging to our customers and auto adding OSIGs to APKs. For Oculus Go we're biting the bullet and submitting to the store.