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Gear vr Games wont install to library

I have purchased games and they appear in library under not installed. I press 3 dots and select install. Game goes through the loading g process, gets to 100% then gives me "Game could not install"

How do I get them into the MY APPS section of my library.

I know 100% it works as I was playing them all last month. I had to replace headset, and I deleted Facebook and oculus apps. Have reloaded both but know can't get the games to finish the loading process.

Any help will be appreciated heaps 


Level 4

name  of the games

The only way I have discovered to install some games that are in library such as End Space and some old ones that are in library but won't install is to use my old S7 Edge which my hubby now uses, download games to that but save to memory card, then put memory card in my S10+ , go into "my files" search and move the 2

APK+Obb files for that game into internal storage under Android in the obb file. Once moved, tap the apk part of file (which usually shows as a thumbnail picture of game) and choose install from there (not through Oculus library!) Once installed, go to Oculus, tap on game and it works.