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Log-in disabled for Oculus account and Facebook account

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I got a Samsung Gear VR for my S7 back when i pre-ordered it but never tried it, decided to try it out today so i created a Facebook account because i couldn't create a Oculus account through the app, but then I couldn't login from my Facebook account because logging in from embedded browsers is disabled, so i go on the oculus website on my computer to create an oculus account there and link it with my facebook one, that worked, but when i tried to login with that oculus account on my phone i couldn't login because it's saying wrong password, i know i have the right password because i checked multiple times, but i tried to reset my password anyway. Still haven't received an Email to reset my password and have been waiting for half an hour


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there Eishaar, thanks for letting us know about this! Please reach out to us on our support channel Here so we can get you back to gaming again! Be sure to include any information we would need like your oculus email/username. Cheers!

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I am having the same issue. Not sure how to resolve it. 

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Having the same issue as well. Please post a resolution.

Hey there, thanks for reaching out. If you are unable to change the password on your Oculus account because you are not receiving the password reset email, it is possible for us to manually send it to you. For this to be done, you will need to send us a PM here on the forums or send us a support ticket on our website here: If you'd like to send us a PM, please click here or on our name to get to our profile page, then click "Send a Message" to privately contact us. Please remember, you must be signed into the community first to send us a private message.


We want this issue resolved for you as fast as possible so you can enjoy being immersed in the VR world again. 

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I see all of these people claiming that they have an S7 or S9 working with the Samsung gear VR? Only the Samsung NOTE works with the Samsung gear VR later model(the all-black one).  The software won't start up on the all-black model unless it detects a Samsung NOTE 8 or higher, and actually I think the older model GearVR is also Note-exclusive too but I can't prove that here, so I digress.  Anyway, so, if you own the all-black Samsung GearVR headset, it did NOT come with a Galaxy S-series phone.  They were all shipped with NOTE series only, so y'all stop bold-faced lying, wasting precious support staff time and  trying to get free support for a phone that you KNOW is NOT supported.  Just give it up, get a job, save up 300 bucks and buy yourself an Oculus Quest 2 128GB model(I honestly don't see the need for 512 - just uninstall one of those HUGE games that you've become bored with, and make room for a new one). 512GB isn't worth paying another 100 bucks. The warranty will run out by the time you start needing that much storage anyway, then you can pop the unit open and slap a new 512 in that bad-boy....IF you know wtf you're doing.

i dont know what planet u came from or from which para universe but here we can use phones from samsung s6 and up i have s6,s7,s9,note8 and all of them work with black headsets...

How did you solve the issue, I have the same problem too

please i need solution 

i am having the same issue I need a solution please