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Minecraft Xbox live log in not working.

Level 2
Can't figure out why Minecraft on the Gear VR will not let me log into my xbox/Microsoft account. I start the game, click log in and then it tells me to unplug device... I unplug, and the Xbox app pops up with a button to "log in"... I press that and it says I need to plug device back into headset. Rinse and repeat, no luck. I Can't seem to find much help elsewhere so maybe someone here can help or has had luck.

Level 2
same here nothing works....please help

Level 2
Just wanted to say that this has been the issue with me for a couple of days now ... 😕 ... it was working fine a few days ago. I haven't been able to log in and have had the same rinse and repeat no luck issues.  

Level 4
This has never worked for me and have been attempting to get it to work since early last year.  Don't get your hopes up for a fix.

Level 2
i am still locked out after nearly 6 weeks, has anyone come up with a solution as yet?

Level 2
SOLUTION: you need an old version of xbox live on OCULUS. Do not update through google play store.
This let's minecraft login automatically.
1. Uninstall all versions of xbox live on your device.
2. Install xbox live through oculus store NOT google play store. It will still show up as an installed app on your device.
If you auto update this will override the working version so do not update xbox live.

Let me know how you go!
Good luck!

Level 2
As of today that app is no longer available..

Level 2
before.the old version of xbox work, but now he dont stop to crash and if he dont crash he say you need to upgrade xbox version and if you dont agree he leave the xbox

Level 2
So the only way to successfully log into our realms is now gone? I can't find anything Xbox related in the O store. 

Level 2
Has anybody actually sent a ticket in to Oculus support? This is a fatal error that has remained untouched for several months, rendering an entire feature pointless. We need to say something to Oculus directly.