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Movie thumbnail, poster, preview not appearing

Level 2
I am having issues getting a poster/thumbnail/whatever appearing in my videos in the Oculus Video app. I have no trouble watching the actual videos, just problems getting the poster to appear.

Now I know this has come up on this forum before and I've read the posts and here's what I've tried, all to no avail.

The poster has to be in .png format with the same name as the video file. So - if the video is "Cool Movie.mkv" then the poster has to be "Cool Movie.png" and in the same folder (in this case Oculus/Movies/3D). This png must be of size 232x344.  This did not work. For completeness, I tried "Cool Movie.mkv.png" just in case, no dice.

The poster doesn't have to be in .png, but must be in .pvr format. You can use PVRTexToolGUI to convert it. Well, yes you can (after some fiddling) but that doesn't make it appear in the app either.

So I can only assume that I am missing a crucial step, piece of knowledge or something which my google-fu is failing miserably on. It's not a major deal I guess - I can still watch the movie, but it would be oh so very nice to have the posters.