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New Quest 2 Need Help

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Man, I Just got my Quest 2 and while first impression, opening the box and turning it on was good, this setup procedure is ridiculous and nowhere did I read anything that said a mobile phone or tablet was REQUIRED to set up or use this device. My phone is an older version of Android and the App store says the Oculus app does not support my OS. I mean really? It is a requirement to pair your Quest 2 to a mobile device? The setup gives no way to skip this step, so have to use someone else's phone to continue the setup, what does that accomplish for Oculus or Facebook? Nothing. So after doing that, the app wouldn't sign into my Oculus account. So I go to my PC and I'm logged in to my Oculus account. Not sure what the password is, so I log out, then try to log back in failing the password check several times. Oculus site tells me I'm locked out for 'some time' and to check back later but gives no time period for the login reset. Reset my password which was successful, still can't log in, says the same thing. Now I'm waiting like 15 minutes and it still won't let me log in siting spam protection. WTF man, I like at the point where I feel I should have spent the extra money on the HP Reverb G2. Does someone from Oculus want to reset my login timer for me? It's been hours I've had the unit and it isn't even setup and running yet. This is ridiculous. Why does this process need to be so complicated, I've never seen anything like this.

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator
The Oculus store says "Requires mobile device and Oculus app (free download)."
Amazon and Bestbuy stores say "set up with the smartphone app"

Luckily the phone thing is only needed for setup and for turning developer mode on and off. You don't need it for actual VR use. You can use someone else's phone to do the setup process, then log out of the app and uninstall it from their phone (so they can't mess with your account).
Although be warned that developer mode can be turned off when updates happen, you need the mobile app to turn it back on. Developer mode is needed to run things like SideQuest, which people use to play modded Beatsaber songs and stuff.

It's definitely annoying (especially considering the Quest 2 is an android device itself). But this is the way the Go, Quest 1 and Quest 2 work.

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