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Random "Gear VR undocking issue"

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About a week ago I used my Gear VR for the first time since my Galaxy S8 updated to Android Oreo.  It worked fine.  Since then, though, my phone has been randomly popping up "Gear VR undocking issue / tap here to finish undocking your mobile device" notifications.  It seems to happen about once per day, despite me not having used the headset since last weekend.  Every time I tap the notification it disappears, only to come back later or the next day.

The notification didn't appear at the time I removed the phone from the headset, only sometime later and then multiple times since.  Is there any way I can fix this?

Level 2

For the last few weeks i have been having this same problem. I havent used my gear vr since i got it in August 2017. The notification for the gear vr undocking issue comes up everytime i plug in my phone charger to my s8. Since this started my charger will not fast charge it only slow charges. Wtf has happened??? Im having to charge my phone a few times a day as its not getting proper charge & the charge i do get goes down rapidly, i am having to put it into maximum power saving everyday too.

I had the same problem in the past, It wasn't related with either gear vr itself or the oreo update, but It was a hardware problem on the usb-c connector. Functions like fast charging, Gear Vr and connect a usb storage in the USB-C connector weren't functioning properly. Warranty repaired it.

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We've discovered the problem and are working to fix it now. Please hang tight for a future update. Thanks.

To Oculus staff, please tell us when this will be fixed we need an update soon to avoid this annoying random message. I started to get this on my S8 after Oreo update.

Level 2
same issue too. Samsung s8+ with latest UK EE updates

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In addition to then random undocking notifications my I was getting kicked out of the VR after a couple of minutes and 24 hours later im not even getting a response when docking my phone to my Samsung VR. Already submitted a ticket, already uninstalled and reinstalled oculus app with no improvement 

Level 4
Having the same exact issue on my S8.  @cybereality  what is the point of having these forums if you guy's never assit your paying customers?

Level 2

We've discovered the problem and are working to fix it now. Please hang tight for a future update. Thanks.

How future of an update are we talking here?

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This won't be fixed as Oculus is now full blown malware.
Goto Settings > Device maintenance > tap on battery and scroll down and add Oculus to
"Always sleeping apps" which means;
These apps will never be able to run on the background.
They may not receive updates or send you notifications.
That is Samsungs official description.
Goto Settings > Apps > Oculus > Battery and turn off "Allow background activity".
Goto Settings > Apps > Oculus > Mobile data and turn off "Allow background data usage".

And even with all those settings configured while I was at work with wifi disabled "Oculus" popped a notification saying it is updating itself and despite the system settings it downloaded and installed the update regardless and since this bug has been around Oculus has updated itself twice.

This malware behaviour is happening on both my Galaxy S8+ and my new Galaxy S9+, 3 to 5 times a day on both phones it would show the undocking issue.
When disabling Oculus from showing notifications you instead get a notification replacing it: App usage monitor which can't be swiped away until the app has been closed which is harder to do as you can no longer tap the Oculus notification to close it because it no longer shows.

What is new however is that up until a few months ago Oculus never did update itself in the background, instead when there was an update, the app would only know about it once you docked your headset and then it would tell you to disconnect the headset and follow the update prompts, Oculus knew this was annoying and decided to inject malware into its app that allows it to bypass any system restrictions that has been placed on it just so it can access the internet and check if an update is available for it, which results in the undocking notification.

Oculus is fully aware about this and they have no intention of fixing it, because a few weeks after this issue I will get another notification everytime I turned on my phone by "Samsung VR" saying "Have you tried Samsung VR?".

So why is Oculus ignoring the system restrictions and giving you an undocking issue notification?
It's to remind you about the GearVR set you have in an attempt to make you more likely to pick it up, use it, and buy more oculus apps.
And why is Samsung VR constantly reminding you to try out GearVR?
Because the Oculus GearVR contract is reaching an end and the the statistics of people using GearVR are so low that the contract is not likely to be renewed.

Oculus does not need to activate itself in the background to check your updates as most of our apps do not do that but instead Google playstore does that however it wouldn't make much sense to have a Samsung only app on Google playstore however what we also have is "Galaxy Apps" which does exactly what Google playstore does and that could be used to keep Oculus up to date.

Level 2
Yeah, Oculus stuff updated itself today for me on my S9. Still shows the undocking issue. 

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I have not seen an undocking error in some time now, fixed?

Level 2
Same here, haven't seen it in a while. Oculus responded to my ticket by asking to uninstall, reboot and reinstall which i haven't done as it seems to have fixed itself after the latest update. I'll try my headset to see if it's just because i haven't used it in a while.