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S6 Oculus Browser Fails to Update. APK now requires Android 7.1

Level 2

Is anyone else experiencing issues running the Oculus app on their S6? When not in the gear it asks to update the 'oculus browser', but the update fails. When connected to the gear headset, oculus works fine, but if I try to download a new app the download starts but does not install properly. Therefor I cannot download any new gear app from neither the headset nor phone directly.

My theory is the very latest version of the oculus browser no longer supports the S6. The apk is listed as requiring android 7.1, but the last firmware for the s6 stops at 7.0.

I understand facebook is discontinuing their specific apps but I think that is a separate issue. Discontinuing their apps is not the same as breaking the app store for all S6 users.


Level 5
every update they make, they make it worse.

Level 2
Making it worst, and disabling it are two very different problems.  This issue here is oculus is advertising their product works on the S6, which it did, but then they forced an update that bricked all the S6 devices in perpetuity.