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Samsun rink – Mobile VR Hand-Motion Control

Level 4
Samsung will be demonstrating a hand-motion control unit as a part of its Creative-Lab project at CES2016. I hope this will bring some more excitement to the virtual world!

Here's the press release:-

rink – Taking Mobile VR to the Next Level with Hand-Motion Control

rink is an advanced hand-motion controller for mobile VR devices which offers a more intuitive and nuanced way to interact with the virtual world. The ability to intuitively control the game or content just by using their hands provides consumers with a much deeper level of mobile VR immersion.


More details & videos here :-

Level 2
this is really cool, I was wondering why the VR was not able to use the Samsung S6's camera and auto focus hardware to see your hand movements. I am not a programmer so not sure it's even possible to do.

Level 3
I wish we could use a Wiimote in the interim, there are so many cool games that could be made with motion control.

Level 4
Really looking forward to rink. I have a feeling it's what became of NimbleVR ( after they were acquired by Oculus.

I've done a lot of work using the LeapMotion controller and Intel's RealSense for VR apps but the rink looks like a huge step forward for 3D input.

Any word on how developers can get their hands on it? (No pun intended)