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Should I get the new Gear VR?

Level 9
I've had the Rift since the day it came out... well you know, since that day and some change... but did pre-order 9 minutes out (only due to the website crashing... those were exciting days!)

I've toyed around a bit with google cardboard and some 'nicer' HMD's for it, while entirely aware that it was nothing on par with the experience that a Rift can offer. Up until yesterday I've had a very old phone (fitting for a mobile app developer).

Last night I upgraded and have a Galaxy s7 - the intriguing thing for myself is the realization that I can now actually own a Gear VR. 

That new controller we've seen shown off makes it look a bit more palpable as well. I'll of course be doing research, and most likely due to my undying love for anything VR end up purchasing it. What do you guys think, is it a pretty great experience? I've only ever tried one briefly in a gamestop.

Another question - does anyone know if any of our Rift titles are cross compatible with Gear VR? Not sure I expect them to be, but that would be pretty great if so.

***To add: I of course realize that there will not be positional tracking, Touch controls, and so on... that being said, there are still a lot of great things that mobile VR can be used for currently as far as I can tell.

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Well I mean if you've already got the $600 phone, it seems like a no-brainer to spend another $100 or whatever to get a sweet mobile headset.

Just, y'know, set your expectations to a reasonable level;  Obviously phone-powered VR isn't going to be as good as the Rift, but it should still be a fun way to kill time when you're on the go, and you can check out tons of VR apps that are only available on the Gear, many of which might never get an up-scaled port to Rift.
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Volunteer Moderator
I noticed that my wife's work phone is a Galaxy S6, and wondered about getting a GearVR just to see what it's like.

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Level 9
Yeah it's strange. I had pretty much tuned out of any Gear VR news or info up until now because it didn't seem that important and I've been more then in paradise with the Rift. Now that I have the ability to use a gear vr I can't stop reading about it. I do want to wait until the end of the month and see if they announce a price and release date on the new model that comes with a supported controller. Hopefully supporting it will help boost mobile VR development, something that has so much potential if they manage to get positional tracking working. It actually has also peaked my interest in possibly developing an actual VR game or app and maybe publishing it someday, the process for mobile maybe an easier place to start off from.

Level 13

nalex66 said:

I noticed that my wife's work phone is a Galaxy S6, and wondered about getting a GearVR just to see what it's like.

That's the phone i used.  Hmmm... great, great experience but for 80% of the apps you'll only get 20 minutes, max before you have to take it off and wait for the phone to cool down.

Level 7

DimitriL said:

No game is cross compatible between the Rift and the Gear.

Vendetta Online is.