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Slowed audio

Level 2
I've got a problem with the Gear VR apps where sometimes one starts with slowed down audio. Restarting the phone usually fixed the issue. I've not had this problem in non-VR games, anyone else have similar experience - and maybe a permanent solution?

Edit: using Jabra Rox bluetooth earbuds.

Level 2
I have the same problem with my bluetooth earphone :x on my S6 edge. The sound has a matrix effect.

Level 2
Confirmed that BT audio works fine for Smash Hit...

...and is a total digital mess in Land's End.

Land's End = dissonant, jumbled audio

EvE Gunjack = extreme pop and crackle

Jurassic World Apop...Apal...dinosuar demo = echo and lag

Oculus Cinema, DreadHalls, and Smash Hit all work fine.

Sadness ensues.

Level 2
Bumping for great justice and many hope.

Level 2
According to our test Unity 4.6.9p3 fixes the issue.
Let s just wait for updates then


Level 2
Excellent news, thank you.

Level 2
I'm also having the same glitchy slowed down audio problem. It is intermittent works the one day not the next.

Random applications causing the issue. Rebooting the phone sometimes helps. I have the S6 edge and gear VR 2 with JBL E40 BT Bluetooth headphones. Connecting them via cable resolves the issue but what's the point in having BT headphones then 😞

Level 3
I will say the problem with Land's End is not limited to bluetooth headphones.
It's the game itself, the sounds messed up with wired headphones and no headphones at all.

Level 2
I am getting slowed audio using a generic Target bt headset and vr karts racing. Turning off bluetooth during the game still keeps slowed audio over the phone speaker but restarting the game without a bt headset connected fixes the audio issue.

Level 2
I'm having the same issues with sound. Every app works fine with a wired headset, but several apps will not play with Bluetooth.

I'm using the Note 5, Gear VR, and Ausdom M05 headset. The Note 5 is model number SAMSUNG-SM-N920A and is running Android version 5.1.1.

The apps that won't play correctly are Anshar Wars 2, Cerevrum, Drift, Ocean Rift (Demo), and the VR Public Speaking simulator.

All the other apps I've installed are not having these issues (including the first Anshar Wars).

Killing the applications and restarting them doesn't fix it, neither does rebooting the phone or uninstalling/reinstalling the apps.

The Ausdom M05 can be used as standard headphones by plugging in a headphone cable. If I use the cable instead of Bluetooth, the sound in those same apps is no longer distorted.

As a further test, I connected a Plantronics Voyager Legend to my Note 5 and heard the same sound issues with the same apps.

Any solutions or suggestions on how to fix this yet?

Level 2
I just got my new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and I've paired my Level U headphones. I had a problem with the sound on Land's End with my previous phone (Note 5) but the sound on GunJack was fine. Now, the problem is reversed. Land's End is clear, I hear waves and birds, however GunJack is popping and the voice is slowed.

I know this is on the "radar" but some update would be great.