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Why Oculus why?

Level 4
Yesterday there was an Oculus and Oculus Home update and today
another Home update.
And since then CasinoVR Poker which i played just yesterday, has not only vanished from my Gear VR library but i can't find it in the Oculus Store anymore even with the search function.

I now found CasinoVR Poker in my deinstalled list under "not supported on
this device or operating system", so Oculus removed the compatibility
for the Note 4, even tho the game worked totally fine just yesterday.

Why Oculus why?

Level 13
Might have been the developer's choice.  Go to their website and ask Homer.

Level 2
I downloaded casino on oculus and opened it. I can see the green dot but cant click on anything. How do I click on something? please help