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Creed Rise to Glory won’t save story data

I just bought Creed and I’ve tried to play the story mode around five times now, every single time I try to play it it resets. I’ve looked at other forums and it seems like a lot of people are having the same problems and even when you allow permissi...

Log-in disabled for Oculus account and Facebook account

I got a Samsung Gear VR for my S7 back when i pre-ordered it but never tried it, decided to try it out today so i created a Facebook account because i couldn't create a Oculus account through the app, but then I couldn't login from my Facebook accoun...

Eishaar by Level 2
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Cant Login Samsung Gear VR

Looked at a bunch of other posts and cant solve this issue. My headset was working fine until today where i was forced to get a using a meta account. Since then all i get is a "Facebook Session Expired" error. I've uninstalled Facebook and Oculus app...

SaviddL by Level 3
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Facebook login deactivated

Can't use my gear vr anymore as oculus requires meta account but forces me to login by facebook. Nothing works anymore. Error message is (please excuse this may not be the exact translation from German): "To keep your account safe you can't log in th...

Any chance of solving the dreaded error 4107 ??

On gear vr, the prime vr app works okay for a short period then opening movies is prevented by continuous 'page cannot be loaded....connection error....error 4107' type messages.Sometimes just hitting retry a few times is enough. But mostly, after nu...

Resolved! Games Purchased on Oculus site not in Library

I am new to VR. I have purchase some games on the Oculus site. When I put on the VR Gear the games are not in my library. When I check the oculus site it says the games are purchased and it says that it is in my library. Help Please.

Resolved! Log In Disabled

I had my Galaxy S7 off for awhile since I reverted back to factory default. I turned it on today because I was going to use it for practicing drums using a website that shows a video from above. I thought this might be neat to use the VR browser and ...

Gear VR problem

Hello there. Is Gear VR completely dead? Tried to install software at my s7 edge, but there's simply no "Download" button. Is there something I can do with it?


Gear vr

Hi, i have purchased a new note8 and Vr Set with Controller this week.I set this up and plugged the phone in to the headset to start downloading the various apps needed, but when it gets to the end of downloading the Samsung VR component I get 'Netwo...

Oculus Browser asking for email permission

The past couple of mornings when I have switched my phone on, Oculus browser has asked for permission to access my email accounts. I have three different email accounts set up on my phone for different purposes and Oculus Browser wants access to all ...

Connection application oculus

Bonjour, Je viens d'acquérir un casque samsung gear vr pour l'utiliser avec un samsung S9. J'ai pu installer l'application et l'ai connecté avec mon compte Facebook. Mais impossible de créer un compte oculus en poursuivant les démarches. J'ai alors c...

Loelys by Level 2
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Unable to download or install a bunch of GearVR games

Hello! I have been trying to download all my games over the past few months, just to make sure I have access to everything I have purchased, and I found a ton of games that won't download or install any more. I've tried on multiple networks and on a ...

Logging into Facebook from embedded browser disabled

Trying to get my Gear VR up and running on Samsung S9. Occlusion VR app says Continue with Facebook, but then says Logging into Facebook from embedded browser disabled. Tried logging into Occulus, but it says the account has been linked to Facebook -...


Hi,I had someone contact me about an enquiry I sent it about not being able to re download the games I have purchased. You was wanting to know what device I have. It is a Samsung Gear VR and the phone I have is a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge.I tried to rep...

jellyb1 by Level 2
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How to hide bluetooth mouse cursor?

Hi!I'm working on a Gear VR app in Unity3D that is using a bluetooth mouse as input device to play Shadow Fight 3 Mod. Unfortunately, as soon as you move the mouse, the 2D android mouse cursor comes up, which is doing nothing good in VR, of course. I...

Problem loggin facebook in Gear VR 2022!!!!

the message: "Para proteger tu cuenta, el inicio de sesión en Facebook desde navegadores insertados está desactivado. Es posible que puedas continuar si actualizas la app desde la que quieres iniciar sesión y vuelves a intentarlo"  


Gear VR and Prime Video VR - Error 4104

Hello, Just recently all 3 of my Gear VR compatible phones (S7, S9, S10+) stopped working with the Prime Video VR App from Amazon.I always get the error 4104 during app start (while still showing the yellow Amazon logo)Any news or updates, how to fix...