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Gear VR better than Oculus Rift and Morpheus

It funny to think that by the time Morpheus and Oculus rift release their consumer product at 1080p, we will probably have 4K mobile VR in note 5 or another phone.For the first time it looks like mobile will overtake PC and console for immersive VR. ...

How to completely Disable head tracking

I have spent the past few days on this issue. I have found many other topics/things around the internet that say this is possible but no one actually explains how to do it.First of al, I completely understand that doing this does not make for good VR...

ribsies by Level 3
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Oculus why are you holding back the content ?

I know for a fact that a TON of stuff has been submitted to the store, but we are just not getting it. I guess they want to make the gear vr s6 version a big launch with more apps or something, but it leaves us early adopters in the cold.Here's a sma...

Profound experience

bloody hell Titans of Space was my favourite experience outside of the cinema yet. I can't wait to see how and where they take that experience. Who knew there is a sun we can see from earth that the size of the entire galazy we live in.I was listenin...

360Stories - File Format & Documentation

I was looking for a way to create custom VR tours and just installed a new fairly new app - 360Stories that seems to fit the bill to some extent. It seems to be affiliated with the 360cities team but I'm not sure.I'm curious if the developers hang ou...

erikig by Level 2
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ETA for Gear VR working on Exynos Note 4

Greetings, I'm hoping we can get an estimate from Oculus of when Gear VR will work with Exynos based Note 4. Samsung is mute on the subject. I know Oculus is working on optimizing for the chipset but I would love to hear a date of when they expect th...

vrjesus by Level 2
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im360VR - Rosie the Barber?

Okay, I just saw a video to download for im360VR and it has me intrigued. Unfortunately, it provides no description as to what it is. These videos take, to put it nicely, a bit of time to download. So before I commit several hours to downloading the ...

Gherron by Level 4
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Anyone getting ready to sell your device?

I'm just curious. I really love Android.. just messing up so bad after the lollipop update with my Note 4. I admit.. I did jump ship from the Plus cause I needed a change for a while.. and for the Gear VR. But I miss my battery life. I will very much...

Is Oculus VR leaving the Samsung Gear VR behind?

So I decide to look around the "Share" area of the Oculus VR, and wonder why there isn't hardly any apps for the Samsung Gear VR? Is there and app built into the Samsung Gear VR to try outside Apps of the gear? I think it's a waste of money to spend ...

Solved the fogging problem.

Bought a $15 heating pad from the local convenience store. Wrap it and preheat the inside of the gear for 5-10 min before use.Will never have fog again.

im360VR app?

anyone else having trouble downloading and installing this new im360VR app?always comes back here with an error and to 'try again later'

munkondi by Level 3
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Every Unity GearVR build crashes on launch

I have been at this for days. Nothing I do ends up with a successful running build on device. I've tried BlockSplosion and many other clean projects and as soon as my builds startup on device they crash.Unity 4.6.2f1Am I missing something?


I have a 1 week old and a 3 week old and a 1 day old Note 4 that I would like to swap with someone for a Samsung Level OVER Headphones.I am iin Australia but post to america is as simple as anything.The headphones are $450 over here so seeing alot ch...

Note 4 model confusion

I'm a little confused on what phone is available in each region and which is the best to try and get.I know there is two versions of the Note 4. Why manufacturers do this especially when they targeting a major release on a specific model of theirs is...

Samsung.....Get your S**t together!

Do they even realise how amazing the gear VR is? do they realise that even the very idea we can experience a cinema sized screen a home is the killer App? do they realise that everyone that has tried their product has been blown away?Yes?? then why t...

Changed Weight distribution + Charging and Using

Can someone tell me how to post photos please?I made a little modification which has changed the weight distribution I thought I would share. Super easy and super cheap mod.When watching films, no matter how you change the straps, even with extra vel...

Whinge - Hurry up with the paid store

It's been covered before and no one cares, but lets flame a bit about the delay on the international paid app store. Its unacceptable to have the device released internationally and not make the store available in those same markets. I am bored with ...

Viral - Available Now

Hey everyone, We wanted to let you guys know about the full version of Viral now being available on Oculus Home.It's our intention that everyone who initially downloaded the demo "Viral Lite", receives the full game upon release to Oculus Home, regar...

Double fan for Gear VR

Ok so I've been searching all day for the perfect fan and then when i got home i found this stupid little laptop table i got the other day with a double fan with power switch connected to plug with USB.Sitting at home all this time damn it.It is actu...

Gear VR not coming to Canada any time soon :(

Having finally received the needed update on my Note 4, I was really excited that the launch was imminent in Canada, but this post on Reddit by an Oculus employee from 4 days ago says it will not be coming to Canada in the near future.http://www.redd...

jordonp by Level 2
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Us Canadians got Lollipop update! Will it work now?

Someone else already asked but no reply. Can anyone confirm that the gear vr will now work on all Note 4 running lollipop? I have 3 apps that say gear vr is on my phone. Check the attachment for proof. Someone please confirm this means Gear Vr will n...