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Herobound Easter Egg

Ya so kill yourself in the fireplace when you first start the game and you will end up in a cemetery with the graves of the developers. There is a hut there that looks locked.I was srewing around and thought I would share.

Toque by Level 2
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One easy cooling solution...

So this is likely the height of dorkdom, but I got the Moga Power Pro (with internal 2200mAH battery and USB power plug) and an 80 mm USB case fan (links below). I cut out the center plastic piece with a razor knife and used the included fan screws a...

need help converting movies file.

i got a few 3d movies that are in Mkv file but when play back it has no sound, and some doesnt even play. whats output setting, picture, filters, video, audio should i set when converting to mp4 using HandBreak program?

TheBluVR Mono eye Bug

Not sure if this was mentioned before but there is a bug in TheBluVR in Version 1.5 with a mono eye problem where the left eye stays black, everytime the loading icon is shown. Usually i like to show TheBlu to people but this bug makes it sadly not a...

Losing position

I noticed in the cinema app if I look around allot my positioning is wrong. When staring the movie I look down and the seat is aligned to me looking foward. After a few minutes if I look down the angle of the seat has changed and I must look to the r...

Passthrough app for gear VR

Hi folks,Is there any app for the Gear VR that uses the camera? Passthrough on it's own seems quite pointless, but implemented in an augmented reality app could be so much cooler.Something like this: if t...

Chair In A Room - best experience so far?

Out of all the VR content I've experienced so far, CHAIR IN A ROOM has been the absolute best, truly fun and super scary - it's proven a huge hit as a demo for others to try out the Gear VR. You won't believe the reactions you get from people!It's on...

munkondi by Level 3
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Herobound Glitch

So I was playing this awesome game I finished the water and fire dungeons. I went inside the volcano dungeon and got three rooms in counting the room you start in. I pressed the floor trigger and I'm pretty sure a red stone came out to shoot I can't ...

Evol by Level 2
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Any recommended Bluetooth Headphones?

I'm thinking of buying a decent pair of Bluetooth headphones. Does anyone have a particular model to recommend? Also wondering about the draw backs, ie. Sound interruptions, choppy etc. What are your experiences with that, if any?

3D 360 degree videoclip: Brainpower

For all of us hunting for new content to watch, take a look at the video clip that can be downloaded from this site:"WeMakeVR teamed up with famous Dutch hiphop artist Brainpower to create a virtual reality music video for his ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Gear VR Game Jam

I just saw on the website VR Focus that Oculus has announced a Gear VR Game Jam with $1Million in prizes. That's good to see that they are actively pushing for more development.

Gherron by Level 4
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Its Tuesday!

The official day that was said to be the day of releases...I'm betting on a big fat nothing....I would ask about the paid store but I know the answer......"Soon" which means nothing........start rant now.

Razor VR

I was checking out a article on flip and came apon a pretty cool looking product.. Razer OSVR Is A Printable, Hackable Virtual Reality Headset ... tw&src=SOCCheck it out and see what ya think..

BruceLi by Level 2
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In praise of Darknet...

I really have to hand it to the Developer of Darknet. He is truly an evil genius.One of the best hints I can give anyone at beating Darknet is to simply choose the highest value targets with the longest time available to beat them. I know that this s...

RE: Help with memory card issues. Not enough room?

Hello All,Lurker, finally posting here-First off, I enjoy everyone's contributions here and it's great to see others who share my passion for this amazing new tech.That being said, I have a problem/question, and I was wondering if I could get some as...

thaumus by Level 2
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For Those looking for new content.

Well as is everyone, I was looking for any new content for my Gear VR and stumbled across the APK's in the mobile SDK. There are a few examples that can be transferred and installed on the phone. These will not be accessible from Oculus home, but can...

Suggestions for Gear VR 2.0

Thought a wish list for 2.0 might be fun. Suggestions here:1) This one is so obvious, surprised they missed it: A pass-through power plug so I can charge the Note 4 while in the GVR.2) A cloth padding cover included (there is an after-market availabl...

Dumb Idea? GoogleMaps-VR?

I was just playing with Google Maps in Street View and I dawned on my that it's probably the biggest collection of 3D-ish images available anywhere. Is there an application out there somewhere already (I didn't find one), or a way to get a WWW-browse...

oculus cinema feature request

that ability to change seats in the oculus cinema is really nice. my feature request is simple: could that please be extended for the void cinema? please allow the user to choose his "screen size", cause for my taste it is definetly a bit too small, ...

mosley by Level 2
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How to stream YouTube 3D SBS to your GVR.

This is a bit of an inelegant solution, but it works and will allow you to enjoy YouTube Streaming to your GVR until Oculus enables it in the cinema. This only works with 3D SBS video.You need three bits:1) Titanium Backup (to freeze Gear VR Service)...

Is Gear VR IE operable with SM-N910C Note 4?

I'm sorry if this has been asked before, but I'm curious on whether or not a factory unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910C model with an Exynos processor chip, instead of the Snapdragon versions sold in the United States, is usable with Gear VR Inn...

Best way to access cardboard apps?

So, tried some cardboard apps and while the tracking is really rather glitchy, there was indeed some fun content to look at. Couldn't really use it all though, cause putting the phone into the gear vr without plugging the USB in only works for some a...

mosley by Level 2
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Offical Samsung payment store

Hallo folksHave someone news when the official Samsung payment store get online???I have got the gear vr und want to have & buy more content!!!!!Joe

joe303 by Level 2
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Gear Vr, Titans of Space, Plane + Turbulence...

Have just been on a flight and was in Titans of Space on the Gear VR when the plane hit some turbulence.I tell you, it was pretty darn immersive! Never mind an elaborate haptic chair feedback setup, approaching a huge planet in ToS and starting to fe...

Ashles by Level 4
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A bit disappointed.

This thing is fun but the existing apps (the ones that are even full apps and not demos) get old fast and it seems like a lot of missing potential. There has been way too large a delay in new apps, or any kind of communication from Samsung. The overh...