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The future of Samsung Gear VR

I believe that eventually phones are going to have 3D depth sensors in them (probably in 2 or 3 years), and I think this can dramatically improve what we will be able to do in VR on the go. I mean look at Google's project Tango, that is already a pho...

Gear VR to be a closed ecosystem?

According to this article, all software must go though the official channels.While it is probably a good idea to direct consumers through an official software portal and to safe VR experiences, I'm not sure how I feel about the platform being locked ...

MoeCapp by Level 4
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I have decided I was wrong about Gear VR

I finally got around to watching John Carmack's keynote from Oculus Connect. I was totally wrong about Gear VR. I assumed that the benefits provided by Samsung giving Carmack such low-end access to the Note 4 were significant, but not so significant ...

mptp by Level 3
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