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Phone performance slowing down in VR?

Sort of a strange issue:Vendetta Online and Altspace are sublime in VR; the experience approaches digital Nirvana.However, recently my S6 has been running into... issues, while in certain sectors in Vendetta or while around the campfire in Altspace. ...

Rift 2.0 and Dash

Hello everyone I'm not sure if this has been already addressed but I was wondering will there be an update added for oculus dash and home 2.0 for us gear vr users similar to the cpu version? I would really appreciate it, truly customizable! I'm at br...

Capturing video from oculus browser

Hi,i have a problem with capturing video from a 360 panorama tour which i rendered out from a 3d Software.When i start the panorama tour in VR in the samsung vr browser, the browser tells me i have to start the oculus browserto view the panorama in V...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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NFC disabled when phone placed in Gear VR?

about a year ago we created a GearVR app in Unity that allowed customers to register using an NFC bracelet. Always worked like a charm. Some days ago how ever, we were asked to update this app and we noticed that NFC stopped working. Upon further inv...

Override 2nd camera FOV

Hello!I am using the 2nd camera (not for rendering) with the WRLD3D asset. The camera is getting the 90-degree FOV setting, regardless my settings. How can I override the settings that the 2nd camera is getting from the Oculus Setting ??

ki7a by Level 3
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OCulus rooms mic not detected

my friend keeps joining my party and his mic says its muted, the permissions are allowed access and voice search works fine, but it is muted whenever we get into a party, why?

Vertical screen

I Have a Samsung Headset VR with Bluetooth remote, mdl SM R 324. Can't figure out what to do to rotate the screen right and get the two pictures for viewing. It doesn't show double sided of the VR or on it. When I look through the VR I see my a home ...

Cwboyfn by Level 2
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Unable to re-connect

I am having problems with my gear VR.I was able to complete the first set up and use the device without any problems.However, the next time I went to use the device it would not connect. I rebooted my phone, repaired the controller, land kept hitting...

1 Gear VR Headset - 2 phones - Question

Hi all, Apologies if this has been asked already, but I could not find it.I am a Rift owner since day one and I have now decided to purchase also a Gear VR as well, since both myself and the wife have upgraded phones to Samsung S8. I was wondering if...

Treekys by Level 3
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Chromecasting Gear VR with Oculus app not working

Hi, I recently purchased a Chromecast Ultra to cast my S7 edge phone/Gear VR to my TV. The problem I'm having is I have no visual or audio coming out from the TV. Once I tap on the cast button on the top right of the Oculus app, the TV shows the Ocul...

BluKir0 by Level 2
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No Thumbnails for 360 Photos in GearVR

Hey folks,i just tried to upload my own 360 Photos to the Oculus 360 Photos App on my GearVR. The images are saved in jpg-Format in the Oculus "My images" Folder on my smartphone and can be viewed in VR! BUT there are no Thumbnails in the preview (on...

Line Renderer GEARVR

using System.Collections;using System.Collections.Generic;using UnityEngine;public class NewBehaviourScript1 : MonoBehaviour { // Use this for initialization private Transform childObject; private ParticleSystem objectParticles; private LineRenderer ...

Oculus Browser asking for email permission

The past couple of mornings when I have switched my phone on, Oculus browser has asked for permission to access my email accounts. I have three different email accounts set up on my phone for different purposes and Oculus Browser wants access to all ...

S9 + chromecast stuttering

For older phones there seems to be a way fixing it by enabling Dev mode and enabling a second a second simulated Display with 720 x 480 mdpi (secure). S9 does Not have 720x 480 mdpi Option and all other Resolution Options does Not seem to Work. Any i...

Gear VR making my phone Black Screen after disconnect.

I just got a new Gear VR headset. Works fine. Very impressed.But when I disconnect the S6 Edge, the phone has a black screen and it will not start up or power down.I contacted support online chat and they concluded it was a hardware fault and I shoul...

DenisMM by Level 2
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Gear VR stuck with zoomed in visuals

Hi there, just got a GearVR for my S7edge and everything went fine for a couple of days.Then, while using the app Titans of Space and zooming in on the planets, the view remained stuck on the zoom level, and didn't go back to normal. Now if I use the...

Zte3ve by Level 2
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My GearVR experience

My last VR experience was a DK1. Since one week I have a GearVR with my S7. I must say I'm very impressed with the Oculus Home interface, the controller works fantastic and is so much better then mouse and keyboard. Also the fact that it is wireless ...

zoost by Level 3
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I created a Lofi 360 VR Video. Thoughts?

This weekend I did some experiments with 360 videos. If you click on the link and full screen the video you'll be able to check it out. It also works great on my Oculus Go, and should work on any virtual reality device.

Problem with head tracking

When I use my recently purchased gear vr every few seconds I find that the head tracking stops working and my view is locked in one position even when I moved my head. After another couple of seconds it recalibrates. When this happens a message is di...

Samsung S7 and new Gear VR controller won't pair.

Just received my gear controller today, but I can't pair with my S7 phone. Bluetooth settings show Gear VR Controller there but not paired. Per the Gear VR setup, I go to the Oculus App/Setup/Controller. It brings up a message, "To Support your Gear ...

bjricha by Level 2
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Gear VR SMR-324/S8+ controler problems

Hi I just bought galaxy s8+ and gear vr 324 with controler. I have a problem with controler pointer dissapearing when opening oculus application with gear/phone on. It's visible for a few seconds and its dissapear. Home/previous/volume+- buttons stil...

Keoshz by Level 2
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Extreme lag after moving titles to SD card?

I was wondering if anyone else here was having this issue with their Gear VR. Literally every program/game that I've moved to my SD card has performed horribly. It's at the point where it's entirely unplayable. I'm using an S7, everything is fully up...

Hyde99X by Level 2
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