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Can't update Oculus App

HELP!!!! I tried to update Oculus and it won't update. I went to the Google Play Store to update and I don't see Oculus listed. How am I suppose to update the app? When I click on the app on my Galaxy S7 all it does is attempt to update and goes back...

MSLOLA15 by Level 2
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Minecraft Faulty

I recently got Minecraft on my Dads Gear VR, since you can't get it on my GO, and We can't seem to get past the Press X on your controller screen? We have tried PS4 and XBOX Controllers - Help Please

PuppVR by Level 2
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i cant install ocean rift in gear vr even i bought so how to install or refund

bishav by Level 2
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Setting up Gear vr

I had an old Samsung Note 4 sitting in a drawer and bought a Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition. I followed the instructions to log onto Oculus and sign in with FB when I first clipped the phone to the goggles, but I still get the same response to sig...

New user

I'm brand new to this whole thing. My son used to set up Dreamflight for me to play. He's passed away and I would love to revisit that game and memory. I bought a used Samsung Gear VR and have a Samsung phone. When I tried to buy Dreamflight, it said...

360 Photos no longer available?

Hi there. I have been using my Gear VR with an S7 Edge to illustrate VR renderings to my clients, but it seems that 360 photos are no longer available? Why has it been taken down and what is a good replacement app for 360 Photos? I need an app where ...

How to record game audio, with the screen recorder?

Hey guys i wondering if any of you'll found anyways to record the game audio when using the screen recorder that is found in the oculus software? Im having trouble recording the sound for youtube because it sounds werid! Thank you for the help!

Can't sign in on new S7 Edge

Hi, I can't log in to the Oculus app. Account is created and can log into website, but the app only has a Create Account button, and when I input the info into the form, it says that the email is already associated with an account, obviously because ...

Oculus Browser Open in new tab using Gear VR

The Oculus browser is tabbed. How do I open a link in a new tab using the Gear controller. I can do that now by:1. Click ion the link and go to the new page.2. Hit the back button,3. Open a new tab.4. Go to History in the new tab.5. Click in the new ...

How to connect Galaxy S20

I have the gear VR (SM-R324 with remote) that i use with Galaxy S6 Edge. But now it doesn't work with my S20; i can connect it with the USB-C adaptor but nothing happens...Any solution please??

app install problem

I bought sm-r323 And paired with my note5 cellphoneAnd i couldnt install any appI dont know what problem    


Suddenly unable to install / update apps

I'm having an issue with being unable to install new apps or update installed apps in the Oculus app.I am in the UK with a SM-910F (International / Qualcomm), on firmware ANK4. I purchased Gear VR from US. Initially all went well, I copied the files ...

for kids

please i need a any game(samsung gear vr) for a kids but in ESPANISH because my daugther she dont speak inglish. Please con you help me? Mi mail es and mi wsp number is a 1131760026 ARGENTINA

Styp by Level 2
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Facebook app installer

I have a Samsung S8 and Oculus Gear VR .... can't complete install as it does not, and I can not, install Facebook app installer. What can I do please?

Can't install application

Hello, I own a Gear VR, and a Note 9. My Gear VR in itself works just fine (button are recognized in applications), as well as the track thing. I mostly use it as a headset for my PC Games (through VR Ridge), but I once purchased a couple of games on...

Oculus apps wont install

I have a Samsung s7 edge but having a problem installing apps through my Samsung gear vr (also won't install when using the app from the phone). It appears to install but at the end says 'could not install -appname-'. I read a few posts regarding hav...

Help please

I have an s10 after research i bought the gear vr with controller as suggested. I am a bit behind on this technology lol how do I get this work as can't download anything from the oculus app. Any assistance would be much appreciated,Thanks in advance

New phone

We have Samsung gear be glasses and we haven't been using this for a very long time because our phones didn't work. Now I have bought a s6 edge for the occasion and we were thrilled but nothing happens when I install the app and use the glasses. For ...


tenho um oculus samsung vr e quero saber se todos esses acessórios também servem no meu oculous....controles, fone de ouvido, novos jogos...

Problem installing an app from the store

I can not install the app Boulevard ( on Samsung s10+ Already a hundred times tried to install it and every time a message appears that the application is not installed. All other apps insta...