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Question about pass through

Is there a way you can adjust opacity, making the passthrough image from the room displayed with the content? Should be great with some pov videos, on some locations 

Oculus app says password incorrect however it is

I’m trying to use my Samsung vr with my Samsung s7 edge, using my Facebook account however, the oculus gear vr app says my password is incorrect. My password is correct. These are also the same details I use to log in here. It was working when I last...

360 Photos To big

I've been posting questions on reddit asking for advice on this and still not sure why the panaoramic photos are coming out to large. Anyone here at Oculus can shed some light on this? Does the skybox stretch all the Panoramas to a set size? When vie...

Qix by Level 3
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Old Vr

So my question is about the Samsung gear vr and I wanted to ask if it’s still supported(like I know it isn’t) by this I mean if I can still for example watch Netflix and play different video games (I play on the s8+)

everything is flipped!

i own a galaxy note 5 that i use with my gear vr, ever since i had to replace the cracked screen something weird happened, every time i open the oculus app inside the gear vr everything is like flipped and mirrored, like somehow im seeing everthing f...

Cannot login to Oculus app?

Weird one, here. It's been a little while since I'd used my Gear VR, and upon booting up my Note 4, I had some updates. Cool. However, the setup process wanted me to log in with my Oculus account. Okay. But upon entering my E-mail and password, it te...

Why do most things apear "too big"?

I found that in many 360 Photos aswell es Videos, things apear not to be in their natural size, but apear bigger than they really are.Examples are the clowns in that Circus video who apear quiet massive. Like if they are... uh 2 meters tall, but with...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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samsung gear vr

I have purchased a samsung gear vr for my samsung galaxy s9 and when I try to use it with one of the apps in oculus my phone wont connect with my vr headset it just stays on the screen telling me to connect my headset does anyone know how to fix this...

Netflix problem? Stuck at 25%

The Netflix app installed perfectly, and the navigation inside is fantastic. But when I try to view a movie/episode, the spooling advances to 25% and gets stuck. Anyone else having this problem, or know a fix?

nrollins by Level 2
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Loggin into oculus app with facebook

I have an issue logging into oculus app on Samsung s8+. It says login disabled from an embedded browser The app is up to date and I have logged into oculus website with Facebook with no issue Please resolve

Gear VR store not load

The gear VR store won't even load. It show a few second then disappear. I even try to install using the application, but it say something went wrong. Please help me as nothing I'm able to install right now.

Resolved! Downloading

I’m not able to down Netflix. It keeps saying download queued but nothing is happening.

Cannot remember the name of an old title

It was an experience for the Samsung Gear VR that began with the VR user in a hospital bed hooked up to a heart monitor. They pass away and then fly through the universe and are reborn on an alien mothership. I think at some point on the mothership t...

Please I need to unlink oculus from fb

I have read that in order to access my gear vr I need to unlink my oculus account from fb. I merged them to use my quest 2. But Since then I am not able to use GVR. Even if I want to log in with Facebook it says log in disabled.

merry Snowballs

We Need to Bring Back Merry Snowballs.. Im already playing bait.. there is no other games i enjoy more than these two. so please bring back Merry Snowballs

Dhoppie by Level 2
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Neues Handy

Hallo zusammen, ich musste mir ein neues Handy zulegen, und nun klappt nix mehr. Meine "Gear VR" bekomme ich nicht mehr ans laufen. Alle Zugangsdaten sind vorhanden. Musste von einem "S8" auf ein "A12" umsteigen.

Samsung Gear VR setup

I haven't used my Geair for over a year now. When I installed the app and connect to my profile, during the selection of the headset, when I select Samsung Gear VR, it takes me to a browser page with a FAQ. How do I connect my Galaxy S8 ?

bakaria by Level 2
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Note 9 connection

Anyone help with start upI've got a galaxy note 9, trying to connect my gear vr with oculus, I have gone on oculus website and set up account, I have set up a 2nd account on Facebook but when I try to log into oculus it says I need to link my account...

VR Aplication

I was informed that the app for Gear VR has been discontinued. When connecting the Samsung mobile phone to the Gear VR, the application is not installed (server not found). It is true? I want to buy a used Gear VR 2017, but I need to know if I can in...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Sooo, I came across this Samsung Press release

I came across quote from a press release from Samsung (Emphasis in the quote is mine)As the Gear VR grows in popularity, Samsung is prioritizing the smooth integration of the web browsing experience between devices. Whether on a Galaxy S6 edge+, Gala...

leftler by Level 4
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