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Problens using gear VR with daughters phone

Soon my daughter bought a gear VR headset for her birthday, she has a Samsung galaxy A41, I used to have a headset and got rid of it but still have the account so I have logged into the account and downloaded the oculus app on her phone but I don't k...

Gear VR Controller touchpad issues

I recently bought a Gear VR, it was working with my Note 9, but then the touchpad stopped working correctly, so when I removed my thumb from the touchpad, it would still recognize an input, it seems it is rare issue judging from the results.

Weene0 by Level 3
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Gear VR 2017 type-C support mi 8 ?

I found Gear VR 2017(Type-C) at a very affordable price, can I use it on Mi 8? I will only use ivry even though it doesn't have Oculus features but if I install their services as APK will it work?

CeV35 by Level 2
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How to add text input for Oculus Quest VR with Unity

I am trying to add a UI with a text input for my VR app. I am using Unity with Oculus Integration. I want a user to enter their name and user that value in my VR app. I followed the instructions given here in https: //

Still not compatible yet

I really want to know why phones like the galaxy A21s isn't compatible with gear vr yet!!.. I've had a gear vr laying around for so long now and just waiting and waiting for my phone to be compatible with it. It fits perfectly fine, but what is it th...

Oculus Gear VR - user name change?

I have a Gear VR. Don't use it much but I noticed today that the name at the top of the screen when I put the headset on is my real name. A user name also appeared. I set this up so long ago for my Galaxy 9s that I cannot remember where that info was...

App wont install programs

Im trying to install the programs Ive downloaded. Everytime it gets to 100% states it cant install app. I have uninstalled and reinstalled oculus amd closed and opened. Nothing seems to work. Anyone ha

Gear vr Games wont install to library

I have purchased games and they appear in library under not installed. I press 3 dots and select install. Game goes through the loading g process, gets to 100% then gives me "Game could not install"How do I get them into the MY APPS section of my lib...


The screen of my samsung s10 stay black when im connecting it into my oculus gear vr , i tried everything? Help someone please 

The Anti fog solution

Hello everyone. I've been noticing that my lenses fog up a ton on my Gear VR, and I know many of you have the same problem. I wanted to share my knowledge as far as lens fog. I've played paintball for quite some time now, and I sweat a ton. I always ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Gear VR Headset

Got the latest headset + controllers.Put in my samsung Galaxy S20, ( worked the first time.. ) Now im trying to get the oculus app installed when putting my phone into the headset so i can connect the controller.The app doesnt install, No instruction...

Apps for Gear VR do not install on Android

I have consulted the net but not found a solution to the following problem: I have the Oculus App running and it shows me some apps which I could download. But on the page of the App, it only says "Gekauft" (bought), and it never installs. I have 20 ...

mga010 by Level 2
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Black screen Gear VR

İf i connect my device ( S8+ ) to Gear VR, my device is not recognized. I get a black screen with an X. Can somebody help me ?

Not being able to install apps from oculus

Hello, i just bought gear vr And my phone is samsung s7edge with latest android for s7(which is  and my cpu is snapdragon So when i try to install apps from oculus they get fully download and then an error shows up saying "could not install ..." And...


When i try to start the app the runtime error appears. Anyone knows how to solve this problem?

Controller samsung

Ive got a samsung vr controller without the headset i cant buy the headset tho i want to connect it with my phone or laptop but it wont connect because i need the app of oculus but with oculus app i need the headset too to use the samsung vr controll...

Can't update Oculus App

HELP!!!! I tried to update Oculus and it won't update. I went to the Google Play Store to update and I don't see Oculus listed. How am I suppose to update the app? When I click on the app on my Galaxy S7 all it does is attempt to update and goes back...

MSLOLA15 by Level 2
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Minecraft Faulty

I recently got Minecraft on my Dads Gear VR, since you can't get it on my GO, and We can't seem to get past the Press X on your controller screen? We have tried PS4 and XBOX Controllers - Help Please

PuppVR by Level 2
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i cant install ocean rift in gear vr even i bought so how to install or refund

bishav by Level 2
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