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App working only for testers on Oculus

Hi everyoneWe've recently submitted an Samsung Gear VR app in Unity for a review, but it kept being rejected because the review team claimed that it can't go past the loading screen - although we couldn't reproduce this.Then we've noticed that actual...

Virtual surround on normal mp4 file on oculus video?

Hello!Does anyone here know if the Oculus Video app for Gear VR is able to play files with 5.1 audio?I have a mp4 file with 1080p video encoded in h.264 and 5.1 audio encoded as aac, and wanted to know if the Gear VR can simulate the surround sound u...

How to save and load 180 Degree Videos ?

Hello !I can see more and more 180-degree recorded videos online. I am having issues viewing them.- How do I have to save them - any specific naming I have to consider ?- How can I view and play them properly ?I saved some of those videos as a _360_....

Anonymous by Not applicable
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2016 Gear VR and Galaxy Note 7 - critical problems

I have a Galaxy Note 7 with the new 2016 Gear VR (black headset) and am experiencing critical issues (jitter, jumping, games and videos intermittently going to black, etc.). The image quality of the headset itself also seems poorer...lots more streak...

Roymus by Level 3
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How to load my own 3D Stereoscopic Videos ?

I created this video: can download the video directly from here: am not able to load that video i...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! Gear VR 2016 SM-R323 Specs

I am having a lot of difficulty finding the specs for Gear VR viewer SM-R323. Specifically I looking for: Screen to lens distance, Inter lens distance, Tray/case (Top & Bottom) to lens distance, Field of View angles (Outer, Inner, Top & Bottom). I do...

rgang50 by Level 3
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360 photos and 360 videos in stereoscopic

360 photos: has anyone been able to produce a stereoscopic 360 photo for the gear vr? how is the stereo pair formatted? .mpo and .jpg sxs doesn't seem to work.what is the 3D file path?are there two cube maps? are the file names of each face different...

magic3d by Level 2
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The conduit for gear VR

There are several games from high voltage which can be adapted to gear vr oculus rift, first the conduit exist in androidversion which means that the VR porting for gear VR could be very staight forward.

aminemo by Level 3
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oculus says dont use gearvr with note7

hey oculus has just announced not to use gear vr with note 7 until u get replaced with the reissued version to prevent it from blowing up. i think it would be pretty cool seeing it explode in vr might look like an atomic bomb

Facebook accound already connected

Dear allI searched around but didn't find any references to my issue, so hope it is a fresh one:When in Oculus Video I have the sign that offers to connect to facebook.When clicked on, and removing the phone from the headset, I go to the screen that ...

avivhod by Level 3
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App crashing only for the submissions team

Hi everyone,I've received a feedback from the Oculus submissions team that the app was crashing on start. It's a bit strange, since it's not crashing neither in a development build, nor in the Alpha/Beta channels on Oculus store. Has anyone had a sim...

How does this compare to the Oculus?

How does this compare to the Oculus? My friend came over and tried out the Oculus here and he loved it. Now he wants to try Samsung VR. I understand he can't play PC games with it. (IMHO Airmech is the only decent game I've ever played with the rift,...

Does anybody used Insta360 Nano ?

I have heard a lot about Insta360 Nano VR.Does anybody used Insta360 Nano 360° Nano VR Camera. I have heard a lot about this but I want real users expereince.Please let me know about the performance,drability etc.I learned a little about this from he...

sacud by Level 2
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Note5 and Galaxy s6+ don't working

Hi all!I'm trying to test my application on Note5 and Galaxy S6+, but we can’t start oculus application on that devices. When we launch the game a black screen appear, and then, the application crash. We can’t see any message to attach the device to ...

rafaelbf by Level 2
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Note 7 and 2016 great vr not working

Hello all. Read everything, watched everything and cannot figure out why my new gear vr isn't responding(phone for that matter) when I connect my Note 7. Have done everything and checked everything directed to do and nothing happens. Nothing prompted...

Skybaw by Level 2
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New gear vr ipd too close.

New Gear VR 2016 IPD in my opinion is way too close. When i have used it i come out feeling all cross eyed. Im using it with the new note 7 and don't have the issue with the rift or the old gear vr headset. I'm very dissapointed with this as i purcha...

Steam support for gear VR

Half life and portal exist already on android platform.Steam could support the development of gear VR version and add a support for the steam controller. steam controller could be a great addition to ocul...

aminemo by Level 3
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Gear VR 2016/Note 7 Oculussig bin file folder

In my effort to view Google cardboard 3D videos on my Gear VR 2016/Note 7 system I went thru the recommended process of of installing 'CB for Gear VR' and 'SIdeload VR' and down loaded the 'Oculussig****.bin' file from Oculus website. The Sideload re...

rgang50 by Level 3
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