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Viewing Surround Shot photos

Hi folks,I've got a problem viewing Surround Shot photos when using the Oculus 360 photo viewer - only a few of the surround shot photos I've taken are appearing in the My Photos viewer menu.They are there in the S6's gallery but are not appearing in...

Network Error on Setup

Hello, I can´t install the Samsung Gear VR Software. After plugging my cellphone to the Gear VR and disconnecting it, I get the Samsung Gear VR home screen but when I press next I get the error message saying that there was an network error. I live i...

Cannot install on s6 g9200 chn version

I bought a new phone, the base version is s6 g9200 chn. I can run the game after I install gear vr app and oculus app (I got them from another s6 phone).When I login and when I want to download the vr app / game, when the download is finishing, the i...

tim-vr by Level 2
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Gear VR in Unity - proper head tracking.

Hello everyone! :smile: I'm looking for a way to track head position with Gear VR in Unity game. Now the game camera only rotates around with user's head. I'm looking for a way to reproduce "head sway"-like movement, meaning that when I e.g. move my ...

kkansy by Level 2
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Oculus 1.3 Crashing Unity 5.3.4 every time

Hi there,I've installed Unity 5.3.4 and the OVRplugin for Unity 5. My machine is a brand new machine, running Windows 10 and on a GTX 980 with latest NVidia drivers. All the games through Oculus home run perfectly. I am using a DK2 though.First off, ...

LITM by Level 2
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Missing apps?

Apps such as Samsung's browser, Sprawly, Altspace, Dreadhalls, 6x9, etc. are all missing from my store. Is this because I am below 18 (16)? That'd really stink if that's the case. Is there any way to enable such apps to appear on my store?


Hi all just got my gear VR and minecraft vr but trying to use ps4 controller but camera keeps spinning can anyone advice me what a good blue toth controller at cheap price i could use please? kind regards steve

Is there a substitute for Milk VR

upon loading Milk VR on the note 4 there is a message from Samsung re: no longer supporting the app. I cannot get it to launch.Is there an alternative way to download and view 360 degree content?

Argella by Level 2
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Painted the inside of my Gear VR.

Well, just wanted you to know that I painted the inside of my Gear VR. Sprayed it semi gloss black after protecting everything I didnot want to get black with mask tape. The experience get's a lot better, because incoming light isn't reflected anymor...

sn7Eef4 by Level 3
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Optical problem in samsung galaxy s7

Hi!! i just bought my new phone samsung galaxy s7 and tried it out on the samsung gear VR but im having a strange problem that i dont know how to fix...There is a problem with the perspective and everything looks like in a fish eye lense...Anyone kno...

Arjo5 by Level 2
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Vulkan support on GearVR

Nice and short: Is Vulkan support in the roadmap for GearVR SDK development?According to what Chris Babcock (one of the Epic developers) said on the 5th of May "GearVR will need SDK updates since it currently only uses OpenGL."

cant find videos in movies?

i had 3 videos on my s6 when i installed the headset. ive since added a few more in avi, xvid. mkv and mp4. i thought it was a compatibility issue but they all play fine on my phone - so converted some to mp4 etc and still can only see the 3 that wer...

glezga by Level 2
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Problem back buttton!

Hello I have a samsung gear vr and I get a problem with back button it has never worked I don´t know why. I would like to know if this problem could be fixed!!

storage path issue

Hi,I have a video to be played in the 360 view scene. Iam using the sample script MoviePlayerSampe.csmediaPlayer.Call("setDataSource", "/storage/extSdCard/test.MP4");This works if i have the test.mp4 in the root of the sd card. in note 4.But Is it po...

muraliv by Level 2
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Buying a new phone, FOV and SDE effect questions

I'm sure this has been beaten to death by now, I'm an iPhone user and getting a used Samsung phone just to tide me over with VR until the Playstation VR comes out so I can compare it to the Rift before getting a pricey set. 99% of my Gear VR usage wi...

The New Oculus Home

I love what's been done with the Gear VR's apps and all, but a huge part of making this successful is going to be social integration. I want to see features in the Oculus Store app that allows me to message with friends, start voice chats, group chat...

Samsung Gear VR heating on note5.

I got gear VR a month ago after eagerly waiting for months for it to be launched in India, finally when I got my hands on it I was so excited and the experience blew my mind, I would use it for hours without having issues with my phone or gear VR eve...

Cracked display

Hey guys,so i wanted to buy a samsung gear VR but the display on my s6 edge is cracked(the hole looks like a gunshot)If i get the VR will i have problems with the gameplay(what i mean is will i see the hole on the VR)?

Gear VR start with 2D View then go to VR mode

Hello,first thans kingathur61,my question is same with his,But now I do not know wether unity or oculus havee achieved the functionI'm wondering if this action is possible,so what I want is to make an app, and when you open it you need to log in and ...