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Demo/tutorial every time I plug in phone

Every time I plug my phone into gear vr the demo/tutorial runs, its driving me mad. when I get through that I can get to oculus home screen and sometimes even then it goes back to demo, even when I run a video or game it sometimes goes back to demo, ...

Interactive 360 Photos in Unity

how to create interactive 360 Photos in Unity.I have 8 panoramic images, when user start app first 360 image open in image i want to show some button or sign, when user click that button or sign via gamepad then open another 360 image. Is it possible...

Darshan by Level 2
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Spatial Workstation

Not that Google Cardboard Daydream promotes easy spatial audio, and now that Facebok has a new team onboard, will Oculus make a nice NDK template available for GearVR, a spatial audio example?

zproxy by Level 5
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Oculus Store Sales

Has anyone noticed a pattern of when to expect games to go on sale? At the moment it looks like zero titles are on sale. Does a single game go on sale once a week maybe? What is the pattern?I'm waiting for games like Herobound: Spirit Champion, Keep ...

Accessibility Settings?

Are there any built in accessibility settings to turn the font sizes up, or help with color blind settings? If not are there any plans to add these types of features?

I just cant play Dreadhalls!!

Why am I such a Wuss?? I keep trying and trying to play Dreadhalls but as soon as I get past the bit that says 'you feel like your being watched' I take the headset off.I have gone further in the past, but now even when I know what's coming I'm too s...

Issue: Finger on touchpad required to watch videos

Hello everybody,I know the title seems misunderstanding or even not clear enough, I hope I can describe it better in the following...My boyfriend (Galaxy S6) and me (Galaxy S7), we both have our own Gear VR. He already months ago when he got his that...

Content you would like to see on Gear VR

I'm not a developer; just a user. Wanting to get an idea of what people would like on Gear VR. Maybe a developer will make our wishes come true. Quake VR (game is 16 years old so I "assume" the Note 4 should handle it)Mechwarrior VR (another 16 year ...

Android UI elements

Hey,I see in Samsung browser app that it use a nice design which is looking like android system UI (keyboard, speech recognizer icon, see screenshots below).I would like to know if these kind of element are part of a package or SDK ? Or we have to re...

RemiL by Level 3
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Problem to configure VR with Galaxy S6+

When I plug Galaxy S6+ with lens VR a voice says unplug phone an install appropiate software, I did it but in the screen of Galaxy S6+ appears message "server error" but I have an internet plan and a WIFI strong signal as well but message remains. Ho...

ACS1966 by Level 2
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Side-By-Side videos seem too wide

Hi guys,my Samsung Gear VR using a S7 is working fine, the only problems I have are with side-by-side videos. When I start a 1600p video which is side-by-side the videos seems to be too wide, as if I was to close to the display. The proportions just ...

Why no flight sims, proper driving game's or FPS?

OK so Gear VR has been out for a while now and has over a million users so why aren't there any of this type of game yet? I have played quake which is good but I'm sure my S7 is capable of more! Anyone know if there are any games of this type in deve...

Mark-F by Level 2
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I can't seem to get 3D movies to work with my Gear VR on a S7.Tried placing em in all kinds of folders, renaming em (adding _RL etc.) and whatever I could find about this matter. Not even the Youtube 3D videos work. All I ever get is seeing 2 screens...

Video player remote access

Hi Is it possible to have access to GearVR video player by a command? Lets say that I want to run my movie remotely by sending a command via bluetooth/wifi to my device. Is it possible somehow? I was thinking about making a small scene in Unity or Un...

Lukas by Level 2
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GearVR apk distribution?

I want to distribute my APK to a number of devices which I currently don't have in my possesion and will not be able to get hold of them. So what are the other options besides GearVR store and building with an osig file? The Gear VR Jam apps work wit...

MapMan by Level 2
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Resolved! Gifting my Samsung Gear VR.

Hello, please excuse my english, I speak spanish. I wish to gift my Gear VR to my nephew so he can use it with his Samsung S6. I wonder if is necessary do something from my part so he can to use the Gear VR in his device Samsung S6. I mean, when I pu...

Help Fixing Overheating Galaxy S6, Profiling Unity

We've had issues with a Unity app overheating on S6 GearVR. The app has a background room (6 quad cube), and two planes that play a video using the FX/Flare shader, which makes a very cool hologram effect. The overheating seems to happen even if the ...

Viewing Surround Shot photos

Hi folks,I've got a problem viewing Surround Shot photos when using the Oculus 360 photo viewer - only a few of the surround shot photos I've taken are appearing in the My Photos viewer menu.They are there in the S6's gallery but are not appearing in...

Network Error on Setup

Hello, I can´t install the Samsung Gear VR Software. After plugging my cellphone to the Gear VR and disconnecting it, I get the Samsung Gear VR home screen but when I press next I get the error message saying that there was an network error. I live i...