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View stuck in the center for gear VR

Hi folks. Looking for any advice here. I have both a newer black and older white gear vr. Both work fine in my S6 Edge and S6 Edge+ (my primary phone). My S6 Edge got some pretty bad battery swell that can't be fixed (problem with a screw near the lo...

TimK74 by Level 2
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Gear VR/Oculus keeps locking onto my movement

Hey all,I'm using Gear VR 2016 version and am running it with my S6. I have a problem with my entire view being locked to my movement randomly. What i mean is that when i move my head, the entire picture/view moves with me instead of allowing me to l...

PhonecastVR not available on Oculus store s9+

Is the Phonecast VR Beta app still available? I cannot find it on Oculus store from my phone. If I access this link from a web browser:

"Oculus Update Required" on Note 4

I have the innovator edition Gear VR (SM-R320), and I just got my old Note 4 replaced with a refurbished one running Android 60101. I plugged it into the headset, it started the setup, I pulled the phone off and installed all the VR apps, logged into...

jgardner by Level 3
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Samsung Gear VR not starting

Using my Note8, fully updated and current, my Gear VR no longer works. I haven't used it in a few months and picked it up. Normally when I plug my note-8 into the VR item, it starts up automatically. However now, it is completely unresponsive. Any id...

Please fix the Gear VR controller ASAP

This is a recurent problem with the gear VR controller, it disconnect when not used for 5min (ie watching a movie) and won't reconnect. There are tons of comments on the web about this problem, like this:

How do you decide which Gear VR games to buy?

Hello, I'm developing a game, and I'm wondering how Gear VR gamers make their buying decisions.For example, where do you go?1. Do you go to the Oculus Store and just browse the titles available?2. Or do you search on line to read reviews of top Gear ...

How do you play games from Google Play Store?

I can only access VR content in Oculus Store (worst search function ever). I downloaded VR titles in Play Store and see the apps on my phone bit can't access them, even when I access the internet.Am I missing something? Something big and basic?

Android Native with Unity(Android) intergration

Hi Friends,Suggest me to integrate the Native android module(Eg: Login activity) with Unity Gear VR support. I have already tried below steps. But, unfortunately the login page is not accessible in android native code. Use or in Android Manifest.xm...

Oculus Update Required... forever

After the latest update my headset is stuck in "Oculus Update Required". Even after the latest update I still see "Oculus Update Required". Currently my headset is now useless thanks to this update.I have remove every Oculus app on my phone and also ...

Home button not working.

When I press the home button the screen goes black. If I press back I can still hear the sounds from the app I was trying to exit.The only way to leave an app is to remove the phone.I am using a note 9 and this has only started after the latest andro...

Cursor won't go away when watching movies?

Using Gear VR in combination with my Note 4 and the oculus video player, I've noticed that there must have been a recent update that has introduced an issue: now when I'm watching videos the little white dot cursor never goes away, even when the othe...

Oculus Video Theatre selection on Samsung Gear VR ?

Hello,I would like to know how I can view videos in a virtual theatre.On the main screen, I can select a category and play a video, but I can't seem to find a settings menu that allows me to play it in a virtual theatre.Also there's no theatre option...

Soxbro by Level 2
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Gear VR - Black screen with small white X

Hi there, I'm in UK and have a note 8 and the latest gear VR with controller and all of a sudden it has stopped working. When I connect the phone to the gear VR I hear the chime and the screen goes black as normal but when I put the headset on the sc...

JSAVR by Level 3
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Gear VR dead with Samsung Galaxy S10+

In early-mid May, I bought a Samsung Galaxy S10+. Being a big fan of the Gear VR headset, I confirmed with both Samsung and Sprint -- and the Samsung rep at my local Best Buy -- that the Gear VR headset was still compatible. {I also did online resear...

Gear Vr On Pc?

So im a starter a basic gamer nothing too bug, but ive seen the oculus rift and thats expensive for googles. then i seen the samsung gear vr, now i know it is designed for samsung mobile phones and i dont have a samsung phone im using a oneplus one a...

I can't play the videos I took

I took two videos on my Samsung Galaxy S8 while using my Gear VR for the quest (pair of jacks in hand one on table) I pressed share then record and the record light went on. I have the videos (date and time) but I can't play them. It gives me a messa...

M_A_X by Level 2
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