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could not install fix for some games for only some people

Level 5

...ok so those games are giving me error in store:

Gunjack - fixed by installing gunjack_1.4.4.apk

Attack of Buugs - fixed by installing attack_of_bugs_1.2.1.apk

Angest - fixed by installing angest_1.0.35.apk

Disney movies - fixed by installing disney_movies_vr_1.6.472.apk

Oculus arcade - fixed by installing  oculus arcade_1.6.0.apk

Anshar wars 2 - fixed by installing anshar_wars_2_2.4.2.apk

...files are just backups from S6 android  7.0 all these games work fine on S9 android10, looks like this is the only option how to restore your purchased apps not supported by oculus store as of now...such a shame