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libGLESv3 not found

Level 2
I recently got a Verizon Note 4 DE, stuck a near-stock ROM on it, and moved everything over from my S3 using Titanium.

Gear VR setup went fine, but when it came to actually launching any of the apps, the screen rendered in non-stereoscopic, and there was no tracking.

I checked catlog and found

dlopen("/data/app-lib/com.oculus.home-1/") failed: dlopen failed: could not load library "" needed by ""; caused by library "" not found

For some reason it's not finding libGLESv3, which is causing libOculusPlugin to fail entirely.

I went into ES File Manager on both a Retail Note 4 that worked perfectly with the Gear VR, and on my DE one that didn't.
I saw both of them had a symlink `/system/lib/`. I wondered if it was pointing to the wrong file on my DE, so I investigated in the terminal.
a `ls -l | grep GLES` in `/system/lib/` on my DE didn't show the symlink while on my Retail it DID! That must have been the problem, no access to the file as a non-root user.

I ran the command again as root on my DE and did see it, with different permissions. What seemed strange to me is that the only difference appears to be the permissions on the symlink, but symlink permissions shouldn't matter.

It was probably naive, but I tried renaming to and instead copied to, but that caused the GearVR service to crash with no explanation. Undoing said change reverted to the old behavior, back to square 1.

libGLESv2 has the same MD5 on both devices, so that's definitely not the problem.

Any advice? I'm pretty stumped. libGLES3 is just a symlink to libGLES2, which is the same on both devices, with the same permissions, so it's very bizarre that the plugin "can't find" Open GL. The behavior is the same no matter which Gear VR app I run. I've attached a screenshot of the full error log. I can't really compare it to the log from the working device since the working one doesn't have root.

I realize that there's no official support for ROM mods, and I'll probably try switching to stock ROM with root (the ROM I used is hardly different from stock apart from disabling Knox and deodexing), but it would be nice to be able to fix this without going through the trouble of wiping and restoring again; accidentally botching my unlocked bootloader in the process would be a major pain to fix. Besides, the issue at hand is so perplexing I don't want to call defeat quite yet!

Level 15
I'd love to help but, as you expect, custom ROMs are not supported.
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