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4k Video Playback Issue

Level 2

First time posting on here.

I am rendering out our trailer at 4096x4096 Stereo, 50fps, 75mbs, Ambeo sound.  Spacial metadata injected.

Video plays very well in media player (360 video on my monitor).  

However when I try it on the Oculus Rift, it has a very choppy playback and struggles to play anything for more than a few frames at a time.  

When I put in the Go to play it, is simply shows a green screen and plays the music, still very choppy.  I have tried Oculus video, Skybox Player, Oculus Spaces and Samsung VR Player, none work.

My only thoughts are : 

1) the 4096x4096 is too large a resolution
2) Bit Rate is too high

Any help would be greatly apprecaited
Level 4
Hello, this resolution and FPS are too high for mobile processer.
You can try using H.264, 3980 x 3980 30FPS.
For RIFT, this is also a tough test. SKYBOX will update a version in recent months to improve the video playback performance of OCULUS RIFT.